ACTP Coach Training: 125 hours



If you are looking for an in depth way to become a professional coach, with the space to develop not only professionally but also personally then the MMS Coach Training ACTP is the right program for you.

It is a 125 hour program which will give you the ICF certification of PCC (Professional Certified Coach). It is double the hours, growth and intensity compared to the ACSTH and there is a lot more space for personal development. This training is offered in the Netherlands and Thailand.

Includes: 12 training sessions, three weekends of personal development, 10 hours of mentoring, 6 mentor-coach feedbacks plus one final evaluation and a ACC/PCC certificate of completion.



ACSTH Coach Training: 60 hours




If you are looking for the quickest and most transformational way to become a coach without losing quality then you should take the The MMS Coach Training ACSTH.

It is a 60 hour course which will give you the ICF certification of ACC (Associate Certified Coach). This training is given in several locations around the globe; the United States, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary and Dubai.

Includes: 8-10 training sessions, 10 hours of mentoring, 5 mentor-coach feedbacks, one final evaluation and a ACC certificate of completion.

United States


As an MMS Coach you will be able to

Efficiently clarify the real issue and get to the essence

Determine specifically what the client truly wants

Support the client in having what they desire

You will learn…

  • Establishing trust & safety with the client
  • Connecting
  • Coaching presence
  • Suspending judgment
  • How to stand up and speak for yourself
  • Quieting the voices of the mind
  • Active listening
  • Focus of attention
  • Powerful questioning
  • Trusting your intuition & messages
  • Creating awareness
  • Designing actions
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Managing progress

You will we able to…

  • Grow exponentially
  • Discover your blind spots
  • Enhance self-confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Own and acknowledge your accomplishments
  • Trust yourself more
  • Become your authentic self
  • Start coaching immediately
  • Experience a new coaching community instantly
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Stay in balance and set boundaries
  • Make a difference in the lives of many
The moment I met Cherie, I felt a special connection and I thought: she can teach me some things that are important for me to learn. So I took the MMS Coach Training, which exceeded my already high expectations. I learned a lot about myself, got rid of a couple of major limiting beliefs and learned to be an effective coach, able to empower others. I use my newly acquired skills in my business, in my family and in every aspect of my life – wherever I find it appropriate to use them. I can highly recommend this course to anyone regarding of whether you want to become a professional coach, change jobs, or just want to get better at what you are already doing. Roland Slot, The Netherlands

Responding to an inner call to attend the MMS Coach Training in Bangkok has quite literally changed my life. The three months were to hold some of the most challenging and most precious times of my life. I lived and grew in ways that I had previously thought unimaginable. With the support of the entire MMS team, I was able to break through many obstacles and start seeing myself as a coach. Now, back home, I am in the process of setting up my own coaching business. I am grateful for every ounce of wisdom and support I have received, especially that which ultimately came from within. Claire Higgins, Dubai

I took the MMS Coach Training in summer 2014. MMS Coach Training did not only match, but exceeded my expectations. As a former Senior Manager and Executive you preach constant change with a high impact on the most important asset a company has, its people. MMS Coach Training put me on an inner journey in which I discovered the challenges of change, the importance of my true feelings and the true power of commitment, being connected and the beauty of helping others to fulfill their own potential. The MMS Coach Training is of extraordinary value for both my private and professional life and it is a ‘must-do’ for any newcomer to the coaching field. Gregor Schmalz, Germany/Bangkok

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