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Employee Owned Change

Managing change is a delicate process that can be very successful when conducted properly and can be problematic when not. Employe Owned Change (EOC) is a top down coupled with a bottom up process where “The voice of the people” is accurately documented so that everyone is heard with no negative repercussions. The purpose of EOC is to build a cohesive team unit so that coworkers work together in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and ownership. 

Specifically employers will benefit in these ways:


  • Validate what is working
  • Wanted changes will be communicated
  • An accurate picture of the overall health of the organization
  • A master plan for organizational change will be formulated
  • They will have a track-able document that can be implemented in various stages
  • Accountability at all levels of the organization
  • Ownership by the employees of the change process
  • Buy-in at all levels of the organization


A group of people who work together are not a team. Teamwork defined as a collection of people who must rely on group collaboration if the desired outcome is to be achieved. Teamwork is the critical difference between success and all the reasons that explain what happened. The undeniable core is respect, without it, a team cannot be created. Building teams is a process that requires trust. The purpose of the MMS Team Building Process is to build a cohesive team unit so that co-workers work together in a spirit of cooperation, collaboration and ownership. A healthy organization is one that has a strong sense of its own identity and mission, plus the capacity to adapt readily and constructively to change. This type of organization exhibits independence, optimism, interdependence, and a high degree of responsibility.

Stress Management

Stress is a fact of life in the world in which we live. Those who know how to effectively deal with stress are more likely to have a long future on the job, and less likely to burnout. The purpose of the Stress Management Program is to become more knowledgeable about stress, its impact, and to learn how to better manage it in daily life.

In the Stress Management Program you will learn to: 

  1. Understand stress
  2. Clarify what causes it
  3. Spot the stress signals
  4. Know what to do to reduce it
  5. Learn how to better manage stress

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