Master Class - Train the Trainer

The training for anyone who has ever imagined facilitating an INW, MMS Coach Training or becoming an MMS Licensee leading MMS Corporate Courses

Have you ever imagined yourself facilitating or leading an INW?

Have you ever dreamed of facilitating or leading the MMS Coach Training?

Have you ever considered becoming licensed to lead MMS/ICF courses? 

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions, then becoming part of the MMS Inner Circle of facilitators is the perfect next step for you. We have designed this six-months intensive training course for you!


Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott PhD, MCC in person, together with Lynn U. Stewart, MCC and Michael Pomije, PCC, will be leading the next Master Class: Train the Trainer. Teaching all the magic, including the tools and techniques required to be an MMS facilitator or leader of INW, CT and other MMS programs. And you will get two exclusive webinars bringing you the keys to the kingdom and the skills to further build your coaching practice. The focus of the training will be simultaneous connection with yourself, your team, participants, and content.



    In this training, we will cover how to:

    • Listen to messages while facilitating/leading
    • Deal with challenging participants
    • Blend heart and power while facilitating/leading
    • Hold a room while focusing on one person
    • Work with energy while facilitating/leading
    • Tune into the essence of what someone wants
    • How to facilitate from your “higher self”
    • Integrate living the process into your life
    • Have all your questions answered
    • Become an MMS Facilitator and Leader!



    During the Masterclass I made a further deepening in myself and ‘my story’. I’ve experienced during the MC that true leadership is owning my own experiences and feelings, so that I can share them and so that other people can open up. By reflecting on my own stories and practicing sharing these stories in front of a group, I made a step forward in developing my own leadership style. 

    Bart Jan van 't Hoff

    The MMS Masterclass gave me back my glow, power and strength. It brought me a breakthrough in feeling my strengths and following my path by heart. I feel more secure, I stand up for my beliefs and I shine, as I know what I want and I am doing what I want. I help people finding their path and purpose in life. 

    Ellen Kok-Barendrecht

    I started the MMS Masterclass thinking that processes aren’t really my thing. I wasn’t sure what to think of them and definitely was not drawn to the idea of facilitating them. How wrong could I be! In the Masterclass I discovered the magic of processes and found that I can create such magic. I discovered a talent of myself that I’d never thought of, and that feels fantastic.

    Iris van Gijzel

    The MMS Masterclass exceeded my expectation. I joined to learn how to facilitate the MMS Coach Training or INW, but graduated as a leader, ready to inspire others to live their full potential. The MMS Masterclass is a powerful way to boost your coaching, facilitating, storytelling and leadership skills. 

    Harmen van Dijk


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