As I traveled these past couple weeks, I couldn’t help but reflect on what home is to me, where it is located, and what must be there to make me feel at peace. This is the conclusion I’ve drawn… home is…

A place you come from and return to, an anchor point.
A place where you drop roots, and find the courage to sprout wings.
A place of safety, where you can be who you are and express yourself.
Comfortable in your skin, at ease, and peaceful…without fear.

For some, home is an address, the place where they receive their mail… a structure, a piece of land, the location of personal treasures. It might be a “nest” where you place all of those special “twigs” that resonate to you…the reflection of all your personal preferences, comforts, and delights. Reminders of happy moments in your past, conveniences, things that make life easier, more fun, and less stress.

Home may be where a special someone is located, or a special location somewhere in nature…or it could be precious moments when you feel connected to a higher source. Home may be located in your heart, the feeling of being close, protected, and intimate.

Reflect on home, what it means to you, what it takes to create it, and what your own personal recipe for “Home” entails. Where is home for you? What does home mean to you? When you move your home, what does it take for you to truly feel at home? What must you do to recreate that feeling? Do you know?

Define what home means for you, and then be deliberate about creating that experience for you and those around you. This holiday season, create rituals of home that will remembered for years to come.


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