Karin van Grunsven, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV the Netherlands

Karin van Grunsven is an international coach and trainer with The MMS Worldwide Institute. As part of the MMS team, Karin leads MMS Coach Training’s—training future coaches. Her areas of expertise include: personal development, coaching skills, communication, facilitation skills, and mindfulness. She has delivered personal development and coaching skills programs for  Schouten en Nelissen in the Netherlands and China for over 10 years, and she is co-designer   and co-leader of a program in personal leadership and coaching skills in Poland.

She has worked in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, as well as government institutions.    She has trained and coached thousands of managers, team leaders, and experts from banks,   ICT sector, government, healthcare institutions, commercial companies, telecom industry, training, accounting, and consulting firms. Prior to her work as coach she was a training manager for Amnesty International and worked 10 years for DHV as a training consultant on World Bank Projects in Africa and Southeast Asia, (Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and China). She has trained hundreds of training managers and trainers in training management, communication, and facilitation skills.

She is a happy single, aunt, and godmother. Karin makes a point of balancing work with other activities she loves including spending quality time with friends, making music with other music lovers, dancing, enjoying nature while hiking, enjoying arts, studying, reading and writing, traveling to new places, and doing community service. All this adds depth and quality to her work.



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