Inner Negotiation Workshop




Are you curious, open-minded and willing to learn about yourself?
Do you feel you can get more out of yourself and those around you?
Do you have a sense that there is something holding you back?
Are you ready for change and do you have the courage and commitment to take action?


What is it about?

The Inner Negotiation Workshop (INW) is about you and your objectives. It is an intensive two-day experience for those who want more energy, joy, love and success in their lives. Participants take an inward-bound journey to the place within them that holds the answers to their professional and personal questions.

Therefore, the INW is an opportunity to renew the relationship with yourself in an intimate and reflective environment. The workshop offers a safe platform for self-discovery and growth in which you can:

  • design the next chapter of your life, according to your life goals, wishes and grandest dreams
  • explore personal themes or address specific obstacles
  • heal and complete past incidents

More information

Voluntary and committed
The INW is a two-day intensive personal development workshop. Preceded by an intake and followed by a follow-up session, approximately six weeks after the workshop. You should only choose to attend if you are fully committed to exploring your personal objectives and act upon your findings.

Your objectives
During the INW every participant will work on his or her objectives. Our working assumption is that everyone carries his or her own answers and that you are responsible for your own process. Your process is stimulated and facilitated during both group and personal sessions of your design. In this way, you will create your own experience within the INW workshop.

Personal attention
One of the unique aspects of the INW is that participants receive highly focused personal attention. Up to every three participants will be facilitated by a professional MMS trained facilitator.

Key take-aways

In the past 30 years thousands of people have taken the INW all over the world. They are the living proof that there is a lot of hidden power within all of us that is well worth exploring and acting upon. From many testimonials the following benefits have been emphasized:

  • increased self-awareness and confidence
  • freedom of choice and behaviour
  • a clear sense of inner direction
  • a strong feel of inner-balance
  • new inspiration and energy





The INW was an enlightening and inspiring experience which ‘opened me up’ to new possibilities. Dr. Chérie, Lynn and Michael genuinely care. They provided a safe space for participants to work through blocks and achieve clarity. Their coaching process is not only useful for formal coaching but for everyday ‘listening’ to empower effective leadership and relationships – professional, timeless, cross-cultural and inspiring in every way!

Somsunee Vidyameth, Thailand

Some workshops are life changing. This workshop that I followed years ago with Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Lynn U. Stewart, still rings through in what I do and who I am. 

Harry Starren, The Netherlands

This note is to express my deepest appreciation in allowing me to attend the Inner Negotiation Workshop and the MMS Institute. To say that those two days had a monumental impact upon my entire outlook would be a gross understatement. I was able to accomplish the following: 1) Reach deeply embedded pain, anger and anguish and release it; 2) Gain a new level of peace and serenity by becoming free from the bondage from my past; 3) Discovered that there is joy and fulfillment to be had if I want it. These accomplishments were made possible by the coaching, love, and support I received from Lynn, Cherie and other coaches and participants. Without these people and this process, I could not have reached this new and wonderful place in my life. 

Bob, USA



United States


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