Inner Negotiation Workshop for Teens


What is it about?

The INW for teens in a two day workshop for teenagers (in the age range of 12 to 18) and is about jointly finding what you want to feel great. In two days we will support you in finding your own answers and developing your self-confidence. Additionally, you will find ways to communicate what you want and be heard. Finally, you will discover ways to express your biggest wishes and goals, and how to make your dreams come true.

How does it work?

You will have an intake before the workshop. This intake can take place with or without your parents/caretakers, that is up to you. During this intake we will discuss what is bothering you and what you would really like to change. You will get to work on these objectives during the workshop. Some examples are:
  • I want to be able to reach my full potential
  • I want to conquer my fears and increase my self-confidence
  • I want to be able to discuss things with my parents
  • I want to be able to set my own boundaries


The MMS Worldwide Institute BV supports INW participants worldwide for more than 40 years, and for over 26 years in the Netherlands. Together with an experienced team of facilitators Lynn U. Stewart and Wendy van Leusen will lead the INW for Teens.    


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