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Brechje van Geenen

Photo of Brechje van Geenen
Cell Phone: +31653444457 Website:


My name is Brechje van Geenen and I am Life coach, specialised in coaching individuals in situations of loss, for example relationships through divorce / separation. I bring together personal and professional challenges.

My goal is to support my clients for them to endure the grieving process in a wholesome way, so that they can take back control of their lives and continue working and grow personally.

In my coaching I use my intuition, and am experienced and accredited in tools such as Barrett Values, systemic coaching, Byron Katie, Nonviolent Communication, Iceberg coaching & ‘Succesvol Scheiden method’ to create the opportunity for interactive and transformational sessions.

With more than fifteen years of experience in Professional Development and Operations with McKinsey & Company and as consultant in Malawi, I bring a solid all-round HR background, business knowledge and project management skills. As a divorced mom and employee I bring my own experience.

I am native in Dutch and fluent in English and coach in both languages. I prefer face-to-face coaching, however Skype coaching is possible.

Together with my two sons, I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Mijn naam is Brechje van Geenen en ik ben Life coach, gespecialiseerd in het coachen van mensen in verliessituaties zoals scheidingen. Zo breng ik persoonlijke en professionele vraagstukken bij elkaar.

Mijn doel is mijn cliënten ondersteunen, waardoor zij het verliesproces op een goede manier kunnen doorlopen, zodat zij binnen afzienbare tijd weer grip op hun leven krijgen en aan het werk kunnen (blijven) en persoonlijk door blijven groeien.

Ik werk voornamelijk vanuit mijn intuïtie en heb kennis van en ben geaccrediteerd in verscheidene technieken, zoals Barrett Values, systemisch coachen, Byron Katie, Geweldloze Communicatie, IJsberg coaching & de “Succesvol Scheiden” methode, om de coaching interactief te maken en een setting te creëren voor transformatie.

Door ruim 15 jaar werkervaring in Professional Development/ HR en operations bij McKinsey&Company en als consultant in Malawi, Afrika heb ik een allround HR achtergrond, zakelijk inzicht en project management ervaring. Daarnaast ben ik ervaringsdeskundige als gescheiden moeder en werkneemster.

Ik coach zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels. Het liefst in persoon, maar Skype coaching is ook mogelijk.

Samen met mijn twee zoons woon ik in Amsterdam.

Carel-Jan van Driel ACC

Photo of Carel-Jan van Driel ACC
Cell Phone: +31 6 290 36 203 Website: Catch the Tide – Personal and Team Coaching/Training Skype: careljanvdriel

In 2017, I decided to give shape to my professional work in a different way. I worked in business for 34 years, including 20 years as executive R&D manager at Philips and Signify in various standings and business units. In those years I was trained and received certificates to facilitate teams in their change process.

In the spring of 2018, I graduated (Professional Coach level) from the MMS Coaching Training and received the ICF ACC certificate. Since July 2018 I have my own company(Catch the Tide) and coach people or work with teams. My passion is to support people in their development, to help discover the next step and consequently help to take that step. As such “discover/uncover” (ont-dekken in Dutch) is the overarching theme.  I work as a coach and you are invited to contact me to talk about what I could mean to you.

Having experienced myself as an executive and leader to change my own organization several times, I got fascinated by organizational cultures and change management in organizations. I have been trained during my career to professionally facilitate culture change workshops. I conducted multiple culture change workshops per year with various teams.

As a professional coach and team facilitator I use this experience to support and facilitate teams and their leaders. It could be about the effectiveness of the team, collaboration in the team, collaboration with other teams, conflict resolutions, etc. In case of questions about direction of the team, the team purpose or the vision of the team, I use scenario planning to support the team to get more clarity and to define the necessary answers and actions.

I work throughout the country and for certain activities I work in the mountains or on the water. I like to work with other coaches, to develop new programs and continue to learn from each other.

My favourite hobby is (off-shore) sailing, making trips along the European coast and discovering new areas.

Charles Vivier

Photo of Charles Vivier
Paris, France Cell Phone: +33 6 37 10 06 61

I am 52 years old and the happy father of 3 sons. I live in Paris with my companion Lindsey Taylor the love of my life who is the mother of 2 daughters and is coach as well. I feel blessed and lucky to be in good health surrounded by the love of my loved ones and friends.
After a diversified carrier in sales and management I helped people to build and grow their own company by investing, sharing my network, know how, and experience in an investment structure with my brother in law.
After the mother of my children and I were separated, we stopped working together. I continue to accompany my friends and network; by listening to them, sharing experiences, supporting them in any way in an informal structure.

I am now a certified coach from MMS and work as a professional coach.

My vision and mission:
Building a trusting relationship, I wish to accompany and empowering you to be fully yourself and live your life in truth, finding your own happiness.

Listening to you, helping you to define your objectives, connecting to your feelings, bringing out the right questions and finding your own answers to lead you anywhere you want and to fully reach your Life potential and Love connection.

Doan Huynh Van Anh PCC

Photo of Doan Huynh Van Anh PCC
MMS Licensee

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

MMS Licensed ACSTH Coach Trainer, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 

Doan Huynh Van Anh is the first ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in Vietnam. She is a full time coach at Life Coaching Vietnam, and is in charge of the personal coaching and training in the Vietnam territory. In May 2015, coach Van Anh officially became the first PCC (Professional Certified Coach) in Vietnam. She has over 1,100 coaching hours with 300 clients aged 18 – 40, both students and working professionals. She was a facilitator for 150 days of “I Am Gifted, So Are You!” camps in Vietnam since 2010 (3-day programs). She is a certified practitioner in MBTI for individuals and corporate executives. She is also trained to interview and write resumes. She had a background in digital advertising, customer relations, communication skills, coaching, and mentoring. With the desire to help students and working professionals to overcome common obstacles to career and personal development, Van Anh decided to become a Life Coach and a Career Coach. She commits to develop herself with the skills and core competencies compatible with The MMS Worldwide Institute and the ICF standards.


Fineke van Leusen

Photo of Fineke van Leusen
Almere, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31646752012

Specialties:  Life coaching, executive coaching, mediation (done a lot as notary public) and team coaching

For 26 years I worked in the legal business. More than 15 years I was civil notary and entrepeneur from a reputable firm. In 2015 I decided to follow my heart, to quit my job and to become a coach. I want to inspire people to get the best out of themselves and to make their dreams come true.

Consciously Move
I support you to be (more) aware of enjoying your life, to honor your precious time and find the balance between work and private life. I want to make you aware, so that you realise that there is more than just working, taking care and lots of “needs”. You only live once, so make sure you’re enjoying the things you are doing.
As a coach, a human and expert I support you to take matters in your own hands! You yourself know exactly what is good for you. Many times you have tucked it away unconsciously and you are acting in your way now, because some one else wants, or to get compliments or for any other reason.
In my coaching sessions I will ask you the question: what do you want? Muddling or change? This asks for courage, effort, money and energy, but…it will bring you so much: freedom, a smile on your face, a nice body, balance…You are the only one who can make the choice to do something about your own situation. You’re in control, consciously move!

My life
I have a lovely husband and three wonderful children. Besides my family and work I like to make time for running, ice speedscating, yoga, meditation, making music as a violist in a great symphony orchestra, to read, to cook, gardening and be with my friends.
If you like to know more about my approach, please contact me.

Harmen van Dijk ACC

Photo of Harmen van Dijk ACC
MMS Faculty

Manager of the MMS Coach Training in The Netherlands

Harmen van Dijk is an ICF accredited coach (ACC), Manager of the MMS Coach Training in The Netherlands, and owner of Dreamtree Coaching. His areas of exper-tise are personal development, leadership, executive coaching, intercultural relations as well as team-communication and conflict resolution. As the owner of Dreamtree Coaching he has supported numerous individual clients and groups from the profit and non-profit sector in finding their life’s purpose by taking them into nature with team-building events.

Prior to working with MMS Worldwide Institute, Harmen served as a diplomat for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over 12 years, serving in The Hague, La Paz, Bolivia and Berlin, Germany. As a manager in Germany, he was responsible for serving over 2500 Dutch companies per year during his tour of duty. He holds a MSc in Dutch and International Law and is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish and has a good understanding of French.

Harmen is a proud husband and father of two daughters. He is a firm believer in
synchronicity and the power of vulnerability. He is a lover of adventure, travelling new and uncharted places, nature, music and arts and is continuously open to be amazed by life.

Judit Ábri von Bartheld PCC

Photo of Judit Ábri von Bartheld PCC
MMS Licensee

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

MMS Licensed ACSTH Coach Trainer, Budapest, Hungary

Judit has worked with leaders for over 25 years supporting them first as a PR consultant, and then as a coach since 2009. As PR and communication consultant she advised GE,  British Aerospace, Saab International, Stadler Rail, Pfizer, and Lego when they established their organizations in Hungary. As a consultant she supported government relations and internal communications of her international clients in Hungary. As a coach since 2009, she participated in many international leadership development programs and has over 1400 coaching hours with corporate clients. She established her international program, Coaching Without Borders (CHN) in September 2011.Coaching Without Borders brings international coaching experts to Hungary to educate Hungarians who are interested in coaching and leadership development. She has taught at the MBA program of CEU (Central European University), runs a Leadership Academy jointly with the International Business School in Budapest. Judit has co-written an interview book about international coaches who participated on her program and co-translated and published the book Brilliant Coaching by Julie Starr. Judit was one of the project initiators & leaders of the International Coach Federation’s “I care for” Award winning program: “Coach Up” in March 2015 which was a project aimed at introducing ICF standards of coaching to the corporate world jointly carried out with American Chamber of Commerce Hungary and ICF Chapter Hungary.

Karin van Grunsven PCC

Photo of Karin van Grunsven PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Karin van Grunsven is an international coach and trainer who trains coaches as a leader of The MMS Worldwide Institute team. Her areas of expertise include: personal development, coaching skills, communication, facilitation skills, and mindfulness. She has delivered personal development and coaching skills programs for Schouten en Nelissen in the Netherlands and China for over 10 years, and she is co-designer and co-leader of a programme in personal leadership and coaching skills in Poland.

She worked in both the profit and non-profit sectors and in governmental institutions. She has trained and coached thousands managers, team leaders and experts from banks, ICT sector, government, health care institutions, commercial companies, telecom industry, training, accounting and consulting firms. Prior to her work as coach she was a training manager for Amnesty International and worked 10 years for DHV as a training consultant on World Bank Projects in Africa and Southeast Asia (Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and China). She has trained hundreds of training managers and trainers in training management, communication and facilitation skills.

She is a happy single, aunt, godmother, and makes a point of balancing work with other activities she loves: spending quality time with friends, making music with other music lovers, dancing, enjoying nature while hiking, enjoying arts, studying, reading and writing, traveling to new places, doing community service. All this adds depth and quality to her work.

Maaike van der Donk

Photo of Maaike van der Donk
Home Phone: +31610003490

Having worked for the corporate world for many years, Maike went back to her roots, the family business. Working on the cutting edge of family, business and ownership is what inspires and motivates her. She is specialised in analysing and designing change processes in organisational and family systems.

Maike’s vision and mission
“It’s about tradition and change and the ability of family businesses to handle this tensions well through the next generations”




Marieke van Paassen MCC

Photo of Marieke van Paassen MCC
Cell Phone: +316 38 93 50 75 Website: Website Marieke

Marieke van Paassen is a Coach and Coach Trainer with the MMS Worldwide Instute and leading the Dutch MMS Coach Training.

She has more than 15 years of coaching experience and owns her own coaching practice Blue Orchard. Her clients include executives, creatives and enterpreneurs; individuals and teams. She specializes in balance, resilience, transformations and making life choices. She is skilled in Life and Work Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership, coaching skills and Mentor Coaching. She graduated from the MMS Worldwide Institute and holds an MCC accreditation from the International Coach Federation. Marieke brings joy and vitality to teams and empowers people.

Prior to her work as a coach, Marieke has worked for 16 years in several roles for different Dutch government institutions, in advising, managing and leading roles. She lead a team of 125 people for the Dutch government. Marieke holds a LLM and a MA in Dutch and International law. She graduated form INSEAD’s Consulting and Coaching for Change program. As a Human Givens counselor she supports clients in stress and burn-out situations.
Marieke still practices her own balancing act everyday, combining all the areas in her life that are important to her. Her husband and three children support her in that.

Rebecca Vandenabeele

Photo of Rebecca Vandenabeele
Amsterdam, Noord Holland Nederland Phone: 06-42451921 Website:

Specialties: Executive – Management coaching, Personal coaching, Career coaching & Counselling

After my graduation (MSc in Psychology, University of Amsterdam) I have been working for more than 12 years at different (psychological) consulting firms, including Hudson and GITP. I have gained experience as a trainer, coach and assessment psychologist. In 2010
I started as a self-employed psychologist and specialised as a coach by following the MMS Coach Training.

Currently I run my own coaching practice in Amsterdam. I coach people with their personal and professional development and help them to get the best out of themselves.

My clients are primarily in the financial services (RBS, ABN Amro, ING), consulting (Accenture) and IT (IBM).

My vision and mission:
Since I can remember I am fascinated by understanding and managing (personal) change. How come we always get stuck in old patterns? Why do we find it so hard to change effectively? Deep down we know what to do, but we find it hard to take the necessary steps to get there. During my coaching sessions I will help you find your authentic self by focussing on your talents and developing your potential. You will be able to connect with what you feel inside. This will help you to find the answers to the questions you have. By removing limiting beliefs and by breaking old patterns new possibilities evolve and you can actually start to change.

In my coaching I include aspects of MMS coaching, motivational interviewing, solution focused coaching, and transactional analysis. I help you increase your personal effectiveness when things get ‘political’. By developing your social antennae and strengthening your communication skills, you will increase your personal impact in (multidisciplinary) project teams.


Specialties: Executive – Management coaching, Personal coaching, Loopbaancoaching & Counseling

Na mijn wetenschappelijke studie Psychologie ben ik ruim 12 jaar werkzaam geweest bij verschillende (psychologische) adviesbureaus, waaronder Hudson en GITP. Ik heb daar ervaring opgedaan als trainer, assessment psycholoog en coach. In 2010 heb ik de stap gezet naar zelfstandig ondernemerschap en ben ik mij verder gaan specialiseren in (Executive) coaching.

Op dit moment werk ik vanuit mijn eigen praktijk in Amsterdam en begeleid ik mensen bij hun persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling.

Mijn opdrachtgevers bevinden zich met name in de financiële dienstverlening (RBS, ABN Amro, ING), zakelijke dienstverlening (Accenture) en IT (IBM).

Mijn visie en missie:
Sinds ik me kan herinneren ben ik gefascineerd door mensen en (gedrags-) verandering. Hoe komt het dat we steeds vastlopen in oude patronen? Waarom vinden we het zo moeilijk om te veranderen? Vaak weten we diep van binnen wat goed voor ons is, maar ondernemen we niet de stappen die nodig zijn om dit te bereiken. Tijdens mijn coach gesprekken gaan we samen op zoek naar jouw authentieke zelf, jouw talenten en kwaliteiten. Ik breng je in contact met je gevoel en met je innerlijke kracht en ik help je om zelf de antwoorden te vinden op de vragen die je hebt. Door belemmerende gedachten te overwinnen en oude patronen te doorbreken komt er ruimte vrij voor nieuwe mogelijkheden en kom je in beweging.

Daarnaast ondersteun ik professionals bij het vergroten van hun persoonlijke effectiviteit binnen een politiek krachtenveld. Door het ontwikkelen van je sociale voelsprieten en het versterken van je communicatieve vaardigheden help ik jou je impact te vergroten binnen (multidisciplinaire) projectteams.
Mijn aanpak is no-nonsense en doelgericht, met weinig informatie weet ik de vinger op de zere plek te leggen. Ik geef concrete adviezen waar je meteen mee aan de slag kunt. Op deze manier krijg jij weer de regie over je eigen loopbaan, verandertraject of (persoonlijke) ontwikkeling. In mijn coaching pas ik o.a. aspecten toe van MMS coaching, Motiverende Gespreksvoering, Oplossingsgericht coachen, en Transactionele Analyse. Door verschillende methoden te combineren sluit ik aan bij jouw vraagstelling en stem ik zoveel mogelijk af op jouw specifieke situatie.

Sophieke van Ginkel

Photo of Sophieke van Ginkel
MSc Cell Phone: +31 624603749 Website: website

Life is a ride on the waves. The waves of life. I invite you to be the surfer of your life.

As a life & leadership coach I learn people to surf the waves of life by supporting them to find the light beneath the surface.

Steven van den Biggelaar

Photo of Steven van den Biggelaar
MMS Faculty

MMS Coach and Team member

Steven worked for 25 years in large multinational companies like ICI, AstraZeneca, DSM and most recently Nuplex. For the last 15 years, he has been involved in large corporate change programs. He has focused on changing processes, organizational structures, and on supporting the employees during the change journey. During the last 10 years, he has led change programs in senior roles and successfully supported individuals in their personal transformations. He is actively becoming a full time coach supporting people in the business environment in identifying their personal power and determining how this can be used to deliver a sustainable contribution to whatever they want to achieve in life. Steven is an MMS certified coach and holds a degree in Marketing (Cum Laude honors degree). He lives in the Netherlands together with his wife and two girls. He is fluent in Dutch and English.  He loves to read and is a passionate hobby cyclist.


Vanessa van Lennep

Photo of Vanessa van Lennep
Cell Phone: +316 22 60 24 98 Website: http://http//

Specialties: personal development and leadership coaching. Facilitating choice making from head to heart.

Vanessa van Lennep is a MMS trained coach and facilitator and has her own company since 2010. She coaches and supports people in

*listening to their feelings
*expressing what they want
*making the choice to do what they want
*doing what they want

During two springs she facilitated at the MMS Coach Training and enjoys facilitating at the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop. She is a board member of the MMS Alumni Association.

Before she founded her own coaching-company, Vanessa got her masters in corporate law and worked for 15 years as a commercial manager in the Travel Industry.

“It was wonderful to realize how I could develop myself with the use of my head, but it is life changing to realize what I can do and develop by listening to my heart”

Vanessa lives in the centre of the Hague, together with husband Ton, daughter Bien and dog Doris. Apart from supporting people in getting what they want, she loves theatre, yoga, travelling, nature, modern art and design, cooking and eating with family and friends.

Wendy van Leusen

Photo of Wendy van Leusen
Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee

Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee and leader in Holland

Wendy van Leusen is an MMS trained Coach, facilitator, and leader since 2008. Together with Caroline Wamsteker she is Licensed to promote, produce, and present the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) in the Netherlands. Wendy van Leusen is associate partner at the Center for Strategy & Leadership, where she focuses on personal and professional coaching and training. She is known for deepening her client’s self-awareness in order to help them to make important choices. Wendy works on the basis of discovering who you are, what you really want, and helps to clarify your next steps. She is leading programs in personal leadership development and transformation of individuals. Besides that she coaches management teams and executives to move to the next level of their leadership.

Wendy holds a Masters degree of the University of Life, studied communication sciences, and has taken management courses at Krauthammer International, as well as coach and facilitator training at Managing Motivation Services.

Wendy has extensive experience in the field of executive education, including designing and executing programs on personal leadership and management skills.
She has been with the Boer & Croon Strategy and Management Group for more than ten years, where she worked as a member of the management team. At this company, she carried responsibility for the development of high potentials and project managers, and also took care of recruitment and internal and external communication.

Wendy loves to be on the beach with her little daughter, walk in the woods and mountains, sings ballads and opera and enjoys travelling through Asia, Africa and Europe.


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