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Gabrielle Sepers

Photo of Gabrielle Sepers

I have always followed my own path: a treasure hunt to discover my purpose, building bridges between people, exploring new things every day and using my talents to contribute as much as possible.

This has brought me a really big family, friends in 80 countries around the world and a house in the countryside where I grow my own vegetables (talent there is still under construction…).

After exploring my creative and adventurous side in professional ballet and diving, I have worked as a lawyer, in a law firm and for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. As a Chief Compliance & Risk Officer in a big telco I have managed and transformed big teams and advised and closely worked with the Board of Management and Supervisory Board. As a management consultant for McKinsey I advised and coached companies on strategy, change management and big transformations.

From pure management consulting I then made the transition into coaching, management support, and team facilitation. Together with my partners, I support individuals and teams in processes of transformation, taking them into nature and giving them the experience of true communication.

I hold a double masters in law and an INSEAD MBA.

I get my inspiration from travelling, nature, books, music and arts. I love dancing, yoga and (healthy) food.

Gabrielle” vision and mission
My dream is to create a shared awareness of how we, as people, can grow – individually and together. When we make true connections, we access incredible potential and boost our creativity. This makes it possible for us to realize great things. In other words, I believe in magic…especially in making magic together.

Leen-Pieter J. Smit

Photo of Leen-Pieter J. Smit
Website: Leen-Pieter J. Smit's website

After about 30 years work experience at ABN-Amro Bank I have chosen to leave the bank and focus on coaching people. Since 2008 I am an MMS certified coach. I started my own business in 2014. My specialty is to accommodate clients in changing processes, especially at financial and work related issues. Both are very close to my own experience and feelings.

The most important part of making choices is the right feeling. My passion is helping my clients to become aware what really is important for them.

I am able to coach in English, however, my preference is coaching in Dutch.


Mijn specialiteit: het begeleiden van mensen in veranderingsprocessen bij het maken van de juiste keuze bij financiële vraagstukken en werkgerelateerde problemen.

Financieel vraagstuk:

  • overdracht van familievermogen
  • testamenten en schenkingsconstructies
  • echtscheiding
  • gevolgen in privé bij een familiebedrijf
  • bedrijfsopvolging, bedrijfsoverdracht of bedrijfsovername
  • budgettering en beleid

Werkgerelateerd probleem:

  • probleem met de manager/het management
  • probleem met de afdeling
  • terugkomst na een periode van afwezigheid
  • problemen vóór, tijdens of na een burn-out
  • reorganisatie en dreigend ontslag
  • pensionering

Ik zet mijn eigenschappen en ervaring in om mijn cliënt bij te staan met het in gang zetten van veranderingsprocessen. Daarbij houd ik altijd de menselijke waarden in het oog, zonder te oordelen of ‘het beter te weten’. Wel met alle feiten op tafel, hoe complex deze ook zijn. Altijd doe ik een beroep op het gevoel van mijn cliënt.

Mijn cliënt moet zich goed voelen bij de gemaakte keuze!

Bijna 30 jaar was ik in dienst bij ABN Amro en deed daar veel ervaring op in bestuurlijke, strategische en uitvoerende functies. Ik werkte op verschillende commerciële (zakelijk en particulier) en organisatorische afdelingen. Ook vervulde ik diverse managementfuncties.

2003: burn-out. Dankzij mijn burn-out ben ik geconfronteerd met de discrepantie tussen mijn werk en mijn kernwaarden en kwaliteiten. Dit leidde tot een wending in mijn loopbaan, met als doel: de mens meer centraal stellen in mijn werk.

Na een professionele opleiding tot MMS gecertificeerd coach verliet ik de bank. Mijn persoonlijke eigenschappen (luisteren zonder te oordelen, de juiste vragen stellen, open houding, empathisch vermogen en vertrouwelijke uitstraling) sluiten goed aan en blijken zeer waardevol te zijn.

Mijn visie en leidend principe is: evenwicht tussen verstand en gevoel en fysieke conditie is bepalend voor het welbevinden van ieder mens.

Vanuit die visie is de inbreng van feiten en afwegingen van grote betekenis. Ook heel belangrijk is dat mijn cliënt weet en voelt van welke keuze hij meer of minder gelukkig wordt. Mijn rol is om mijn cliënt in staat te stellen de verbinding tussen ‘feiten en afwegingen’ en de ‘gevoelsmatige gevolgen’ hiervan zichtbaar te maken. Het uiteindelijke resultaat is dat mijn cliënt dan zelf de bij hem passende keuze kan maken.

Lynn U. Stewart MCC

Photo of Lynn U. Stewart MCC
Director, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Lynn U. Stewart, PCC is the director of The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV, based in Amsterdam. She not only leads this organization of highly capable team players, she also develops constituencies in other countries. She is a corporate executive coach, a group facilitator, and a workshop leader. Her corporate specialty is Employee Owned Change®; a program designed for organizations who want to initiate functional, affordable, and humanistic transformation that guarantees ‘buy-in’ at all levels of the organization. Her passion for personal development manifests in the two-day personal development program, Inner Negotiation Workshop, for which she trains leaders in MMS Master Class in the Netherlands, the US and Asia. She is an Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie. Lynn divides her time between training leaders, coaching executives, facilitating MMS Coach Trainings, and designing the future. She co-authored Transformational Life Coaching with Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC with is available in both Dutch and English. Previously Lynn Stewart worked in public relations, interior design, and in elementary education. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys painting, ballroom dancing, fine dining, cultural events, and learning the Dutch language.

Maaike Strack van Schijndel

Photo of Maaike Strack van Schijndel
ICF Certified Execetive Coach & Facilitator of Transformation Home Phone: +31642809928 Website:

For companies, Maaike is your partner in developing ‘robust individuals’ who relate constructively to themselves and others. In order to contribute optimally to the desired workforce culture.

Typical questions are:
– I want to improve my relationship with … (myself, other, situation)
– I want to explore my choices around my career
– I want to live my life consciously and more daringly
– I want to validate an intended decision
– I want to be supported in the first 100 days of my new role
– I want to improve the performance of my managementteam/board
– We, as management team, want to add more value and meaning

Maaike draws on many years of personal international work, study and practical experience. As (interim) manager and consultant she has implemented many complex change-management projects in organisations, both in The Netherlands and abroad (Europe, Brazil and U.S.). She is familiar with many industries from the inside (services, healthcare and industrial). Companies that she has worked for or with: Accenture, Achmea Vitale, AVL, EAB, KPN, Multibras, Stork and UMC Utrecht.

She is certified PCC through the MMS Institute and ACC through the International Coach Federation. She speaks fluent English, French and Portuguese.

Married with two children at university. she teaches NIA (fitness program), sings jazz and enjoys taking part in dutch cabaret.
Her coaching style is intuitive, concrete, personal, challenging and with humour.

Manon Swaving PCC

Photo of Manon Swaving PCC
MMS Licensee

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

MMS Coach Training Leader and Licensee in Singapore

Manon Swaving, PCC is an MMS and ICF Certified Coach, trainer and facilitator. Over the last 10 years she has been training and coaching over one thousand people in all walks of life.She facilitated and co-lead personal development and awareness programs with groups up to 100 people. With VIStrainingen she designed and delivered over one hundred behavioral & mindset trainings on personal effectiveness, communication, time-management and leadership trainings for people of all levels within organizations: factory workers, team leaders and managers. She has worked in various industries at companies including Hitachi, ECT Delta Terminal, Flora Holland, Nestlé Nederland, C1000, Grolsch Brewery, McKinsey and Company and a number of different local governments and universities in the Netherlands. In addition to her coaching and training experience, she is educated in group dynamics, organizational and family constellations and working with energy and chakras.

Her own company ‘LivingYourPurpose’ is a blend of coaching, workshops and training coaches. At the MMS Worldwide Institute she has found her professional home where she does what she loves doing most: supporting people in designing and living the life they love, and training them to become brilliant coaches.

Before finding her purpose in training and coaching she worked in sports & event management and marketing. She was responsible for all Unox and Lipton Ice Tea’s brand activation programs at Unilever and has been part of the Organizing Committee of the European Special Olympics in 2000.

She lives in Singapore with her husband Roger and their son and daughter. Music, dance, photography, nature, traveling and connecting with friends and family make her heart sing.

Nicoline Smoor

Photo of Nicoline Smoor
Cell Phone: +316 11 00 33 54 Website:

Specialties: Transformational Coaching, Life Coaching, Team Coaching, Systemic Approach

After a study business administration at Nyenrode University I enjoyed working in the branches of architecture and industrial design. Early 1994 I finished the MMS Coach Training. Following this period, until 2001, I managed my own company from London and Amsterdam in coaching, communication advice and text & editing.

Coaching and training has been my main professional activity since 2001. For corporate and for private clients, both inside and outside of The Netherlands. Until 2008 I have facilitated many of the Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) of MMS in The Netherlands. I enrolled in the masters course Conflict Management at Maastricht University and participated in many different workshops on (systemic) family constellations (Bert Hellinger). In 2008 I finished a course in systemic thinking and working, between 2009 and 2015 ‘Living and Working from the soul’. Since March 2009 I am a certified facilitator of the Inner Links Transformation Game.

Married, mother of a studying son, enjoying dachshund Hansje, city trips, arts, walking, watching movies, reading, cooking healthy meals and the silence.

Vision and mission
‘I’m standing still for a moment, which is good progress.’ (Bertolt Brecht)

I’d love to help you to get the most out of yourself. Not by giving you directions but by encouraging you to find your own direction and to walk your personal path. You are leading. My approach is intuitive, reflective and result driven. I will ask clear questions and provide you with useful feedback. In holding the mirror and by putting on my systemic glasses I will support you when needed.

Peter Schmale

Photo of Peter Schmale
Home Phone: +31611160819

After completing my degree in electrical engineering I joined a well-known Dutch electronics company. While moving through the ranks from engineer to manager I was inevitably confronted with the limitations of my engineering-centric view of the world. Thankfully I had managers over time that enabled me to follow many trainings and workshops culminating in the Coach Training. It made me a more complete person, manager and engineer and I enjoy the fruits of it in my private and professional life. Although I am not a professional coach, but still work as engineer, manager and entrepreneur in the technical field, I am happy to pass on everything I learned so that others can enjoy the same benefits that I did.

Peter’s vision and mission
The potential of most people goes way beyond their own beliefs and those of their manager or boss at work. We are all very good at coming up with reasons why we cannot or should not overcome obstacles and set the next step. Blaming our manager is one of the favorite excuses when it comes to work related challenges. As a manager, we might feel trapped by “the system”.

My mission is to help you move ahead by confronting your obstacles and excuses and finding positive ways to deal with them.


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