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Barbara Roelofs-Piper ACC

Photo of Barbara Roelofs-Piper ACC

Specialties: Compassion Coaching, Life Coaching, Inner Peace, Inner Negotiation

Barbara Piper works at MMS Institute as a coach and facilitator of our Coach Training and Inner Negotiation Workshop in both Amsterdam and Northern California.
As a professional coach, Barbara works with both individual and corporate clients. She started her 20+year career in Corporate Communications and later moved into Health Care Management. During these years Barbara could always be found in a personal development or in an organisational training hub, either learning about management development or learning about different ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, somatic work and systemic constellations. In her work, her focus has always been in the realm of people and communication.

Clients who come to Barbara are often looking to find ways of relief from stress and find more inner peace. Mindfulness and Compassionate conversations are key to finding calm and clarity; to become more resilient.

Barbara holds a Master degree in Communication and over the past 3 years, she studied at Stanford’s CCARE Institute (Cultivating Compassion and Altruism) which combines rigorous academic research with experiential contemplative, meditation practices.

Today, Compassion has become the focus of much of Barbara’s work. As an entrepreneur in compassion, she is founding a centre to bring more inner peace to people with technology at the heart of it.

Vision and Mission: ‘When you drop from your mind into your heart, life is clear and purposeful’

Harald Rossing

Photo of Harald Rossing
Doorwerth, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 6 53769330

Specialties: life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching

In my life I always have been interested in the combination of what people drive and the business they do. I studied business economics and worked almost 20 years in business and management consulting, working on assignments where people make the difference: personally, in teams, in organizations and in network systems. In other words, when people are doing business, they bring their own. I consulted business-wise assignments as well as I coached people.

In my personal life I had to face themes on life and death of children and young adults, family and personal relationships.

Since 2012 I started a coach practice and I organize retreats on personal and career questions together with my wife Marielle and specialized people on body- and energy work. We organize the retreats in a relaxing and inspiring environment.

My vision and mission
A human being is only able to live her or his life when she or he is aware of what she or he has been given: mentally, physical, emotional and spiritual. When a human is able to listen to what these areas tell him, he can live and work more effective, loving, relaxed, spirited and vital.

Some of us are listening to these areas very naturally, but most of us have not learned where to listen and how to listen.

With our retreats we aim to support people in listening deeper, in order to answer their questions on life and work. After a retreat our clients feel their contribution in life more meaningful.

Jaap Renkema

Photo of Jaap Renkema
Obbicht, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +316420 55136 Website:

Specialties: Life coaching, Team assessments, Children

After a study in chemistry I started working as a project manager at DSM. Later on I switched to the patent department and became a patent attorney. In 2004 I started my own patent company and in addition I started a coaching company, Coachen naar Kracht, in 2009, together with Anneke Ouwerkerk-Renkema. The methods we use here are based on our experience from the MMS course. We created our own 7-step pathway of personal growth. This approach helps people to grow, make changes, and live the life they want. I wrote a book about this theory: “The personal growth accelerator”. I always see the goodness and talents of people, which I use to help them find their own power. I have a well-developed rational and analytical side, I’m open-minded and I have a strong intuition.

My vision and mission
Each person is unique and lives on earth with a certain goal: to discover who you are and what your qualities are, and to use these qualities to contribute to the world and find your own happiness and satisfaction in doing this. The road to this goal differs for each person. Everybody knows his/her own pathway the best, but the journey is not always easy. Sometimes you need a little support. Then I, as a coach, can help you to get back on track by asking the right questions. My passion is to support people on their journey and contribute to their personal growth.

Joanna Rybczynska

Photo of Joanna Rybczynska

Being an expatriate for over 15 years, I have extensive experience with individuals from diverse personal and professional background and cross-cultural environments. My cultural awareness, holistic approach, and passion for human growth and development form the basis of my service as a global coach.

Teaching meditation for several years, after attending spiritual retreats in Dubai, India, Malaysia and Thailand, deepened my sense of wholehearted service to others. Guiding, coaching, mentoring and inspiring people became my second nature. My wish is to empower others to reveal their authenticity, find their integrity and enter the world of multi-possibilities.  My strength and charisma come from a visionary attitude, yogic focus, emotional intelligence and intuitive approach. Inner voice, nature’s wisdom and sense of humour are my ultimate teachers in life.

Today, as a MMS coach, yoga teacher and subtle activist, I share my knowledge and experience by offering yogic lifestyle coaching and holistic mentoring. In my sessions I put emphasis on establishing an action plan that honors the process of self-discovery and on gaining a sense of control and flow by moving from the judgment mentality of right and wrong and into self-awareness. Moreover, I observe that the most inspiring and enriching for my clients is learning to appreciate the journey – as much as arriving at a destination.

Joanna’s vision and mission
Thanks to my extensive travels and previous career as a flight attendant, I look at coaching session as a journey. A client who chooses coaching with me will reach from where he is to where he wants to be. Assisting people to comfortably and safely get to their final destination was my role as a stewardess, and is a new one as a coach.

Using this metaphor I would like to invite you to see coaching as a way of exploring and discovering new places, especially the ones hidden deep inside your heart. Everybody loves traveling and knows that it broadens the mind. Working with me is like having a ticket to your inner world. Together, we will explore what your inner landscape looks like and how you want to journey though it. Knowing your inner world will impact how you travel though your outer world.

Clients often tell me that they appreciate going off the beaten path to find their inner map and hidden treasures. The inner journey coaching isn’t about fixing yourself but rather discovering your natural strengths and talents and accepting true purpose of your life. It is about learning to navigate through mental turbulences and avoiding emotional crash landing J

I’d like to sum ​​up the power of coaching by quoting M. Benanov: ‘ you travel faster alone, but farther together ‘.

Marijke Reiring PCC

Photo of Marijke Reiring PCC
MMS Faculty Driebergen, Holland Home Phone: 0031611311967

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Marijke Reiring, is a ‘Business Coach’ who supports (managing) teams, individuals and organizations in achieving their goals. She is an expert in developing a clear and inspiring business vision and linking this to team member’s behaviors. As a team-coach, she works from the passion of combining business management with the power and energy of people. She knows, that trust is the key success factor for teams, since it helps to explore full human potential.She holds an International MBA  and a Master of Arts in Dutch Language and Communication. She is a specialist in Effective Communication, Vision Development, and Personal Development. She holds an accreditation for “Real Drives.” She is a member of the MMS Worldwide Institute Team and a speaker for the Avicenna Leadership Academy on vision development and behavioral change.

In her career of over 25 years she has worked with and for different organizations such as Akzo Nobel, ResQtec, BP, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Thieme Meulenhoff, KPMG, Vomar, Hart&Vaatgroep, Haga Ziekenhuis, Rabo bank, Sara Lee, Abbott Nutrition, Boskalis, Achmea and Friesland Campina.

In 1999, she followed her passion and started her own company in training and coaching. Previously she took leading positions in managing teams in international business environments. Her last position was Marketing Manager at Sara Lee.

Marijke is happily married and a proud mother of 3 children. She loves sports and cooking.


Als Business Coach support ik (management) teams, individuen en organisaties in het behalen van hun doelen. Ik ben een expert in het coachen naar een heldere visie en dit te koppelen aan het gedrag van de mensen in de organisatie. Als team-coach werk ik vanuit de passie van het combineren van organisatie-doelen met de kracht en energie van mensen.

In 1999 volgde ik mijn passie en startte mijn eigen bedrijf in coaching en training. Daarvoor had ik leidende posities in management teams in internationale organisaties. Mijn laatste functie was marketing manager bij Sara Lee.

Aan de Erasmus Universiteit heb ik een MBA bedrijfskunde behaald en daarnaast ben ik afgestudeerd in de Nederlandse Taal – en letterkunde. Ik ben geaccrediteerd voor Real Drives. Ik ben verbonden aan de MMS coach training als team-lid en ben spreker voor de Avicenna Leadership Academy voor de onderwerpen visie ontwikkeling en cultuur verandering.

Mijn visie en missie:
Tijdens mijn werk als marketing manager in internationale bedrijven, ontdekte ik veel angst en negativiteit onder medewerkers. Dit blokkeerde samenwerking, innovatie, energie en creativiteit.

Organisaties kunnen alleen succesvol zijn als de mensen in de organisatie hun volle potentieel kunnen inzetten. Vertrouwen is een belangrijke succesfactor om flow en het volle potentieel te bereiken.

Mijn missie is om menselijkheid, vertrouwen en het volle potentieel van mensen terug te brengen in teams en organisaties. Zodat ze daarmee hun doelen bereiken en duurzaam succesvol zijn.

Typische klantvragen zijn:

  • We willen een andere koers gaan varen, maar hoe krijgen we de mensen daarin mee?
  • Hoe kunnen we de samenwerking, onderlinge communicatie of effectiviteit van ons team of onze organisatie verbeteren?
  • Hoe kan ik vanuit mijn eigen kracht aansluiten bij de doelen en wensen van deze organisatie ?
  • Wie kan ik zijn als leider in deze organisatie of verandering?

Als business coach breng ik vertrouwen, ben mensgericht, resultaat gedreven en helder.


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