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Carlien de Roy van Zuydewijn

Photo of Carlien de Roy van Zuydewijn
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 20 3706982Cell Phone: +31 6 51337379 Website:


  • Divorce-coaching
  • Relationship-coaching and -mediation
  • Mediation in general

After having worked for many years as a legal advisor and registered mediator in divorce- and other familylaw-cases I was – so it seems – automatically pushed in the direction of coaching. Because over time I had come to the conclusion, that the real issue in most divorces is not so much the legal or the financial part, but the emotional part – which is all too often being translated in fights in the legal and/or the financial area. But being a mediator I was not allowed to address the ´emotional divorce´, which interested me more and more.

Apart from that aspect I saw quite a lot of people with great personal potential – especially women – getting stuck in their divorce-related problems – with all sorts of consequences for themselves and their children. Becoming a qualified coach became mandatory for me. So in January 2003 I started my MMS´CT-training and what an eye-opener it was for me. I loved the type of coaching I was taught. After that I extended my education to related areas as grief-counseling. By now my practice has been fully transformed from arranging divorce-arranging to divorce- (and relationship-)coaching.

My vision and mission
My education as a grief-counselor was an important follow-up to my coach-education. Because it made me aware, that people in divorce-situations too often overlook the fact, that divorcing is above all a process of grief and bereavement instead of shame, quilt and fingerpointing. I am convinced, that people going through this difficult period in their lives (or later) need more care and help in tending to their hurt souls and finding a new direction in life than they (want to) know. They think a beauty-therapist can help, hoping it makes them feel better. It does, but shortly and only on the outside. What they really need is an ´emotional beauty-therapist´: the essence of divorce-coaching.

The same can be said about relationship-coaching: here it is the relationship, that is ailing – while the partners lose sight of each other, struggle in the fog and start contemplating divorce. Here the emotional beauty-therapist is also needed, but in this area coaching is necessarily often mixed with mediation.

Though the topic in itself is often regarded as sad, I love to do this work – especially when I see my clients slowly discovering life and sunshine again… Can I help you?

Han de Ronde

Photo of Han de Ronde
Waalre, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31655396955 Website:

Specialties: personal leadership coaching, team coaching, intervision coaching, team conflict coaching

Han de Ronde (1951) is coach and loves to sail. “I enjoy speeding in my boat with large white sails continuously adapting to small changes in wind and water to make the boat glide seemingly effortless through the waves. That is also how I envision the coaching process: To support a coachee in his search to find the optimal route through the obstacles people find on their way. To ensure that they continue their career and life fully re-energized and with pleasure.”

“My role as coach is to listen and to ask questions; easy solutions I cannot provide. The answers to all your questions are within you, my role is to make you conscious of these answers. My style is personal and empathetic, but sometimes also clear and confrontational. I have developed this style as a manager at  director level in an international environment, both in large multinationals as well as in small organizations. Additional study has given me the theoretical knowledge of coaching, and I have used and sharpened this knowledge while practicing during my 30-year career.”

“I belief that people can develop the talents they have. Every person is capable of more than he believes himself. The role of the coach is to ensure that all the potential of an individual blossoms.”

For sports coaching I have developed an interest for the application of the “Inner Game of Golf”.

For working with the Lumina Spark  and Lumina Leader personal portrait I have been accredited by Lumina Learning.

On the website you will also find actual references and my code of conduct.

My vision and mission
“I have been fascinated during my whole life by talent development. To see the opportunity and grasp it to develop yourself further, to learn from a situation en to be able to make a next step. I practise this myself. That is why I have become a coach.”

Lonny de Schrijver – Verbrugge

Photo of Lonny de Schrijver – Verbrugge
Lamswaarde, Zeeland The Netherlands Phone: 0031-615367493 Website:

My name is Lonny de Schrijver-Verbrugge (1974). I’m married and proud mum to a daughter (2000) and two sons (2003 and 2006). Both the boys have been diagnosed with ADD and the oldest has also severe dyslexia. They are my triggers to do what I’m doing today. Before this I was the owner of a children’s daycare center. This gave me the experience of helping children and supporting parents. When I faced some changes in my work at the daycare center I had to make a choice: keep on doing this ór start something new. Starting something new was quiet scary, but working with children and their parents is truly a passion to me. So I took the opportunity to start working as a coach for parents and children.

Ever since I’ve done a lot of learning. Not only am I a certified MMS-coach (that’s where it all started!), I also specialized in helping children with troubles in learning, behavior and development and helping parents to raise their children in the way they’ve always dreamt of.
To me helping children and their parents is not just looking at the problems surfacing, but looking at the root of the problem and solving it there! That way it’s gone!

My vision and mission

Another strategy
Ever since things got clear about the ADD my oldest son has, and later with our youngest, my interest in children who did have troubles at school, at home and developing, which was there all along, grew. I saw he was a boy with qualities that didn’t blossom at school. When I helped him to make progression at school and at home I decided that it shouldn’t be just for my kid, but that I wanted to help other children and parents as well.

So by showing children and parents what qualities they have in them instead of focusing on the problems and by making them grow that way, that’s where my passion grew, too. Focusing on qualities not only works at school, but also at home, where children are learning all the time as well. And if you are aware of you strengths, you can use that, always. Not only as a child, but certainly as a parent, too.

Ronald de Haas ACC

Photo of Ronald de Haas ACC
Home Phone: +316 20818581 Website: Ronald's website

Ronald is an MMS [and ICF] certified coach who supports people and teams in transformations. He is also a lean six sigma certified black belt and consultant with broad experience in driving improvements in a variety of organisations and industries. He is combining a mix of ‘hard and soft skills’ to drive break-through improvements in organisations, teams and personal development. Ronald coaches’ people to own their choices, own their life, own their work and own their future.

Ronald supports organisations to address a variety of performance, strategic and operational issues and is experienced in managing supplier relations. He regularly trains teams as part of his projects.

He obtained his Drs in economics from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and his Bachelor in Marketing from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam. He is an MMS certified coach and a certified lean six sigma black belt. Ronald has worked with organisations such as Philips, Numico, Danone, LeasePlan Corporation, ING Bank, CapGemini, KPMG, Corbion and Shanks plc. He is fluent in Dutch and English. Ronald lives in The Netherlands and he is married to Asli and father of two boys. In his spare time he enjoys running, sailing and watching his sons play soccer.

Ronald’s vision and mission
Support people in stepping into their power and become more than they thought possible.

Yvette de Beer

Photo of Yvette de Beer
Bussum, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 6417 31672

Specialties: Life coaching, Relatie Coaching en relatietherapie (EFT), Houd Me Vast trainer, Psycholoog (EMDR, ACT, REBT), Healing

After my Psychology Studies, I worked for 5 years as an account manager within the ICT. Since I realized that I couldn’t fulfill my potential and couldn’t help the organization the way they deserved, I changed my course and started working in my own practice as a Psychologist and coach in 1993. At about the same time, I started living together with my partner and we began the process of creating a family. Since we’re with 2 women, that took a little more effort and planning than in the more usual families.

In 2003 I did the CT (Coaches Training) and the lady founders of the MMS and I immediately “recognized” each other. After finishing my own training I was involved as coordinator of the CT for 4 times.

From 2008-2013 I took a training to become a Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healer and participated in the team to facilitate the next training group.

The people who find me come from a diverse background and with a multitude of questions and/or objectives. You can learn more about that via my website

As you can see there, the values that guide my life are Safety, Freedom and Connection

My vision and mission
Helping people to become as flexible as possible in dealing with life, so that they can fulfill their dreams and contribute to the best of their ability.


Specialiteiten: Life coaching, Relatie Coaching en relatietherapie (EFT), Houd Me Vast trainer, Psycholoog (EMDR, ACT, REBT), Healing

Na mijn psychologie studie, heb ik 5 jaar als account manager in de ICT gewerkt. Toen duidelijk werd dat ik de organisatie niet meer kon bieden wat er nodig was én zij mij niet konden bieden wat ik graag wilde, veranderde ik van koers. In 1993 ben ik een praktijk gestart als zelfstandig psycholoog en coach.

Rond die tijd ging ik ook samenwonen met mijn partner en begonnen wij met de start van onze familie. Aangezien we met 2 vrouwen zijn, vroeg dat iets meer inspanning en planning dan bij een meer gebruikelijke gezinsvorm.

In 2003 heb ik de CT (Coaches Training) gevolgd en er was een onmiddellijke herkenning tussen Lynn, Chérie and mij. Nadat ik mijn eigen training had afgerond, be ik betrokken geweest als coordinator van 4 volgende Coaches Trainingen.

Tussen 2008-2013, heb ik een training gevolgd en gegeven in Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing

De mensen die mij vinden als coach en/of therapeut, komen van veel verschillende achtergronden en met een veelheid aan vragen en/of doelstellingen. Meer hierover kun je vinden via mijn website:

Daar vind je ook welke waarden belangrijk zijn voor mij in mijn persoonlijke en professionele leven:

Veiligheid, Verbinding en Vrijheid.

Mijn visie en missie
Mensen helpen zo flexible mogelijk te worden in hun leven, zodanig dat zij hun dromen kunnen verwerkelijken en naar vermogen kunnen bijdragen aan deze Maatschappij.

Ik zie er naar uit je te ontmoeten!


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