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Brechje van Geenen

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Cell Phone: +31653444457 Website:


My name is Brechje van Geenen and I am Life coach, specialised in coaching individuals in situations of loss, for example relationships through divorce / separation. I bring together personal and professional challenges.

My goal is to support my clients for them to endure the grieving process in a wholesome way, so that they can take back control of their lives and continue working and grow personally.

In my coaching I use my intuition, and am experienced and accredited in tools such as Barrett Values, systemic coaching, Byron Katie, Nonviolent Communication, Iceberg coaching & ‘Succesvol Scheiden method’ to create the opportunity for interactive and transformational sessions.

With more than fifteen years of experience in Professional Development and Operations with McKinsey & Company and as consultant in Malawi, I bring a solid all-round HR background, business knowledge and project management skills. As a divorced mom and employee I bring my own experience.

I am native in Dutch and fluent in English and coach in both languages. I prefer face-to-face coaching, however Skype coaching is possible.

Together with my two sons, I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Mijn naam is Brechje van Geenen en ik ben Life coach, gespecialiseerd in het coachen van mensen in verliessituaties zoals scheidingen. Zo breng ik persoonlijke en professionele vraagstukken bij elkaar.

Mijn doel is mijn cliënten ondersteunen, waardoor zij het verliesproces op een goede manier kunnen doorlopen, zodat zij binnen afzienbare tijd weer grip op hun leven krijgen en aan het werk kunnen (blijven) en persoonlijk door blijven groeien.

Ik werk voornamelijk vanuit mijn intuïtie en heb kennis van en ben geaccrediteerd in verscheidene technieken, zoals Barrett Values, systemisch coachen, Byron Katie, Geweldloze Communicatie, IJsberg coaching & de “Succesvol Scheiden” methode, om de coaching interactief te maken en een setting te creëren voor transformatie.

Door ruim 15 jaar werkervaring in Professional Development/ HR en operations bij McKinsey&Company en als consultant in Malawi, Afrika heb ik een allround HR achtergrond, zakelijk inzicht en project management ervaring. Daarnaast ben ik ervaringsdeskundige als gescheiden moeder en werkneemster.

Ik coach zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels. Het liefst in persoon, maar Skype coaching is ook mogelijk.

Samen met mijn twee zoons woon ik in Amsterdam.

Carlien de Roy van Zuydewijn

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 20 3706982Cell Phone: +31 6 51337379 Website:


  • Divorce-coaching
  • Relationship-coaching and -mediation
  • Mediation in general

After having worked for many years as a legal advisor and registered mediator in divorce- and other familylaw-cases I was – so it seems – automatically pushed in the direction of coaching. Because over time I had come to the conclusion, that the real issue in most divorces is not so much the legal or the financial part, but the emotional part – which is all too often being translated in fights in the legal and/or the financial area. But being a mediator I was not allowed to address the ´emotional divorce´, which interested me more and more.

Apart from that aspect I saw quite a lot of people with great personal potential – especially women – getting stuck in their divorce-related problems – with all sorts of consequences for themselves and their children. Becoming a qualified coach became mandatory for me. So in January 2003 I started my MMS´CT-training and what an eye-opener it was for me. I loved the type of coaching I was taught. After that I extended my education to related areas as grief-counseling. By now my practice has been fully transformed from arranging divorce-arranging to divorce- (and relationship-)coaching.

My vision and mission
My education as a grief-counselor was an important follow-up to my coach-education. Because it made me aware, that people in divorce-situations too often overlook the fact, that divorcing is above all a process of grief and bereavement instead of shame, quilt and fingerpointing. I am convinced, that people going through this difficult period in their lives (or later) need more care and help in tending to their hurt souls and finding a new direction in life than they (want to) know. They think a beauty-therapist can help, hoping it makes them feel better. It does, but shortly and only on the outside. What they really need is an ´emotional beauty-therapist´: the essence of divorce-coaching.

The same can be said about relationship-coaching: here it is the relationship, that is ailing – while the partners lose sight of each other, struggle in the fog and start contemplating divorce. Here the emotional beauty-therapist is also needed, but in this area coaching is necessarily often mixed with mediation.

Though the topic in itself is often regarded as sad, I love to do this work – especially when I see my clients slowly discovering life and sunshine again… Can I help you?

Charles Vivier

Photo of Charles Vivier
Paris, France Cell Phone: +33 6 37 10 06 61

I am 52 years old and the happy father of 3 sons. I live in Paris with my companion Lindsey Taylor the love of my life who is the mother of 2 daughters and is coach as well. I feel blessed and lucky to be in good health surrounded by the love of my loved ones and friends.
After a diversified carrier in sales and management I helped people to build and grow their own company by investing, sharing my network, know how, and experience in an investment structure with my brother in law.
After the mother of my children and I were separated, we stopped working together. I continue to accompany my friends and network; by listening to them, sharing experiences, supporting them in any way in an informal structure.

I am now a certified coach from MMS and work as a professional coach.

My vision and mission:
Building a trusting relationship, I wish to accompany and empowering you to be fully yourself and live your life in truth, finding your own happiness.

Listening to you, helping you to define your objectives, connecting to your feelings, bringing out the right questions and finding your own answers to lead you anywhere you want and to fully reach your Life potential and Love connection.

Lindsey Taylor

Photo of Lindsey Taylor
Home Phone: +1(503)307-6410 / +33 7 86 21 88 54

I recently graduated MMS Institute in The Netherlands and I am now a certified coach. My main goal in becoming certified is to simply better people’s lives. I feel that my life experiences have given me broad and challenging lessons which make me a good coach. I have seen amazing transformations, breakthroughs and positive changes in my client’s lives.

I want to help others find their true voice by first feeling grounded and secure. I want to support my clients to be present, in-tune, authentic, intuitive, energetic, do what they love, be with who they choose, communicate clearly, move smoothly through transitions, let go of what they cannot change, make difficult decisions, ask for the raise that they deserve, and so much more. Through my coach training, I have learned valuable tools that have taught me how to actively listen to my clients.  By using opened ended questions, I support my clients in arriving at a place where they know what they want and what they need to do to achieve it. Together we devise a plan of action and bridge the gap between where my client is now and where they want to be. I want to help foster my client’s ability to HAVE IT ALL!

Currently, I am living with my French companion just outside of Paris. We love traveling, working out, mountain bike riding, listening to live music, and experiencing wonderful restaurants. I am still trying to learn French, but I certainly enjoy the European lifestyle. Charles has 3 sons who live nearby, and I am a proud mother of twin daughters who are living in San Francisco together.


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