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Anath Lievendag

Photo of Anath Lievendag
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Home Phone: +972-50-2668424 Website:

Specialised in Skype Coaching – Life & Career Coaching from the comfort of your office or home, including but not limited to Lawyers, Managers, (Starting) Entrepreneurs, Expats, Women, Relationships, Parenting, Relocation, etc.

Background: After I finished my masters in law, I joined a leading international law firm where I practiced law at the highest level for seven years. As a senior associate, the firm provided me with a coach. The coaching sessions changed my life and inspired me to also become a coach. After 7 years with the firm, I joined a British multinational. Besides managing the legal department, I was involved in change management and coaching. Currently, I run my own international coaching practice which allows me to combine the things I love and do best.

My vision and mission: When I was 28 years old I was making a nice salary, married to a very nice man, living in a beautiful house in the suburbs of Amsterdam: on the outside my life was perfect but on the inside I was miserable. I realised that I had adjusted myself to the point that I had lost myself and it was time to start living my life according to me. Coaching helped me make this transformation and find myself again. It enabled me to reconnect with myself, express myself truly and create my life the way I want it. We all deserve to be happy and we all have the ability to be happy and reach our full potential at home and at work. This is why I became a coach: to empower you to make positive change, reach your full potential and find fulfilment in every aspect of your life; to guide you through the challenging parts of your journey. Why? Because I care and share your joy when you arrive at your desired destination!

Languages: English, Dutch, Hebrew and Spanish.

Asli Bilgin

Photo of Asli Bilgin
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31616762664

Specialties: Life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, team coaching

I worked two decades in multinational firms having various roles in marketing and business development. I travelled around the world and developed businesses. During that time, the moments that gave me most joy were the ones I spent time with other people coaching/mentoring and supporting them in some way. Still I was caught up in conflict – making a career in marketing or changing my path. I started searching and I came across MMS Coaching Training. Through this training I experienced an incredible transformation and discovery. Now I know who I am and what I want and I am doing it. I am starting my own coaching business for individuals and organizations.

My vision and mission
I want to support individuals discover who they are, what they want, unblock their obstacles so they can reach their full potential. I have been in many teams throughout the two decades – some struggling to reach their targets and some reaching greatness. I want to support leaders and teams to discover their purpose and create a path to reach their goals while clearing the blockages they have personally or as a team.

Caroline Wamsteker PCC

Photo of Caroline Wamsteker PCC
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland The Netherlands Phone: +31 6 24716278 Website:

Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee and leader in Holland

Caroline Wamsteker is an MMS trained Coach, facilitator, and leader since 2008. Together with Wendy van Leusen she is Licensed to promote, produce, and present the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) in the Netherlands.

She facilitated and led more than 25 INW’s in The Netherlands and is launching internationally. She also leads the MMS Master Class and trains MMS future leaders and facilitators. In the MMS Continuum, Journey to the Next Level, she and Wendy support individuals taking the next step in their personal development.

In her own company she coaches and trains people who want to connect to what they really want in life to find ways to turn that into reality. She works instinctively and purposeful, with both feet on the ground, concretely and effectively. Always with a listening ear and respect for whatever it is that moves her clients.

Before finding her inspiration in coaching she worked as an event manager in a Concert and Congress hall and the Royal Theatre of The Hague. Next to that she is a serial entrepreneur as co-owner of a beach club and a Jazz club.

She lives in Scheveningen (The Hague at sea) with her husband Ed, youngest daughter, dog and cat. She loves reading, walking in nature, connecting with friends, gardening, cooking, and swimming in the sea.


Christien Mulder

Photo of Christien Mulder
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland The Netherlands Phone: +31 654927003


The search for a balanced life has never been as difficult as today. Responsibilities, daily life, the abundance of choices, expectations – of others and ourselves, sometimes make us forget who we really are, what our dreams are and what makes us happy.

My purpose as a coach is to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Not by telling you what to do, but by letting you (re)discover your inner self. I am convinced that, in their core, people know what they want and what is best for them. As a coach, it is my role to bring your own answers to your questions to the surface.

I will help you to focus on you: to find your dreams, break through barriers and explore your potential and talents. So you will discover your own answers to questions such as “What do I really want to achieve?” and “What do I need to get there?” and “How do I get there?”.

Eppo Broese van Groenou

No Photo Available
Haarlem, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +316 52433873

I started my working career as a trainee at a bank after several years as a law student in Leiden. After several jobs in and out of this bank, I started as a pension and insurance specialist. Later I switched over to a small private bank and became manager at their insurance company. During my period in the financial industry I found out that my real passion is working together with people. I was really interested in what drives people and what makes them successful. I also learned from my colleagues that I was good at coaching and energizing them. I realize that I had to do something with that passion, so I started the MMS Coach training.

Since a few years now I have been active as a Career coach, an Executive coach and as a Team coach. With my long time experience, both as an employee, an entrepreneur and a manager, I hope that I can help people to find their passion and purpose in life and let them realize that we all have talents.

My vision and mission
After I got out of service at the bank I learned that it is very difficult for people who are fifty plus and lose their job to find a new one. Also a lot of people who have this age lose their motivation to do their work.

I can help those people by vitalizing them. Important is find out what your strengths are and not emphasize what your weaknesses are. Focus on your talents and get them even better. Believe in yourself, don’t always compare with others. You are unique and show it. Age is an advantage, not a disadvantage! Also when you are 50+ there are a lot of things you can achieve and I will help and support you to reach those goals.

Florence Marie Guesnet

Photo of Florence Marie Guesnet
Minden, Home Phone: 00491732842072

Areas of specialization: executive coaching, realising female potential in organisations, international careers, international family life, change management.

From purpose to action, from ideas to reality:

Bringing the best out of people and helping them to turn their individual purpose into reality is my passion. This passion has shaped my own life, too: as a student I worked in political organisations to advance democracy and peace, as a leader in various multi-national companies I embraced and practised the values I believe in. In this moment of my  life, I want to bring all my competencies and skills to individuals and organisations who can benefit from someone who is analytical and creative, empathetic and tough, serious and full of humour: that is me.

In coaching, I build on my skills as an MMS graduate at ACC level and on my wealth of experience as a Senior Marketing Executive in various international organisations. I enjoy working with individuals and with teams, and we can talk in German, English and French. Individual coaching I offer in person and remotely. 

I am a delighted mother of three (rather grown-up) children, I have lived and worked in Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. I enjoy cooking (and eating), travels, reading, Yoga, Golf and many other things the universe throws in my path.

Fran Fisher, MCC, Master Mentor

Photo of Fran Fisher, MCC, Master Mentor
Master Certified Coach (MCC) Phone: 253-220-8782 Website:

Fran Fisher is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), recognized internationally as
a pioneer of the coaching profession. She is a published author and
international speaker. Fran served as a founding ICF Executive Board
member and was responsible for developing the Credentialing Programs for
aspiring coaches and training schools. Fran was the first Executive Director
of the Association for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO). She has been an
ICF Credentialing Assessor for PCC and MCC applicants since 1998. Fran is
the founder of the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first three coach
training schools accredited by ICF, now known as InviteCHANGE.
Fran Fisher was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2012, by the
Washington State Chapter of the International Coach Federation.
She provides coaching services for individuals, small business owners,
executives and collaborative work teams. Her passion and specialty are
training, coaching, and mentoring beginning as well as experienced coaches.

Hester Hospes

No Photo Available
Cell Phone: +31633586832 Website:

Specialties: Work/life, relations, ADHD

In the “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” the answer is 42 but nobody knows what the question is. In real life it’s often the other way round. Sometimes we don’t even know what the question is either, because we are afraid to dream or so estranged from our true self that we cannot find our own questions anymore. That’s where I come in. I love to help you find your questions and answers.

You’re questions may be:

  • Where to go with work or business?
  • How to balance work and home?
  • Why are we always getting in to fights?
  • How to get rid of this vaguely unhappy feeling?

My name is Hester, mother, friend, wife and searcher for happiness.I have a university degree in law and government studies, have worked for the government and in a hospital for many years and am now building my own business.

Liesbeth Meijer

Photo of Liesbeth Meijer
Cell Phone: 0657778872 Website:


Ik ben een coach voor jou als “walk your talk” resoneert. Wanneer jij stappen wilt zetten en je datgene kunt veranderen wat je daadwerkelijk wilt veranderen. Het (her)vinden van dat wat je drijft, vanuit je eigen (veer)kracht, zodat je kunt varen op je eigen koers. Alles wat zich aandient is waardevolle informatie om mee te werken. Ik richt me op het werken vanuit jouw intrinsieke motivatie, potentie en kansen die in jouw situatie opgesloten liggen.

Ik ben als coach en trainer opgeleid bij het Amerikaanse The MMS Worldwide Institute, onder leiding van dr. Cherie Carter-Scott. De opleiding is geaccrediteerd door de European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) en de Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches (NOBCO) en heeft een European Quality Award (EQA).

Een verdiepende coachtraining en supervisie programma volgde ik bij de Amerikaanse Alan Seale – Transformational Presence voor leiders & coaches. Door Transformational Presence Coaching zal je als coachee jouw eigen potentieel ontdekken en ontwikkelen, op een ogenschijnlijke simpele manier. Door het zien van kansen kun je keuzes maken die jou echt vooruit doen gaan.

Naast persoonlijke aspecten spelen er vaak ook andere factoren. Ik ben opgeleid bij het Bert Hellinger Instituut als begeleider van organisatieopstellingen en mijn interventies hebben vaak een systemische aanpak teneinde inzicht te verkrijgen in onderliggende patronen en dynamieken.


  • professionals
  • bestuurders
  • managers
  • leidinggevenden

In alle rust jouw situatie waarnemen, overzien en verkennen. Bewust worden van patronen, verlangen, behoeften en/of krachten. En wat je ervan weerhoudt. Vanuit daar zien wie je bent en wat er naar je toe wilt komen. Zelf die beweging creëren.

Ik werk met je. Ik moedig je aan. Ik stel je vragen. Ik spiegel. Ik geef je steun, slechts waar dat nodig is. En ik laat je.

Na mijn studie Rechten ben ik met Groningse nuchterheid de inhoud ingedoken en ben ik vooral op mijn kracht en zakelijkheid gevaren. Ik deed meer dan 25 jaar ervaring op in zorg en onderwijs, van advocaat tot leidinggevende. Ik ken de sectoren door en door vanuit meerdere perspectieven. In 2009 is er iets wezenlijks veranderd. Zoals vaker gebeurt deden persoonlijke gebeurtenissen mij beseffen dat er een andere kant is. Gebeurtenissen die leidden tot inzichten en die mij tot op de dag van vandaag verrijken. Mijn kracht werd veerkracht en mijn zakelijkheid kreeg er “een ziel naast”.

Mijn stijl van werken laat zich het beste omschrijven als scherp, eerlijk, creatief en intuïtief. Of ik nou werk als organisatieadviseur, interim-leidinggevende, coach of trainer: ik hou er van om samen naar de plek der moeite te kijken en te blijven bewegen wanneer lastige situaties zich voordoen in jezelf, team of organisatie. Dan samen werken om vervolgens beter te worden.

Maaike Strack van Schijndel

Photo of Maaike Strack van Schijndel
ICF Certified Execetive Coach & Facilitator of Transformation Home Phone: +31642809928 Website:

For companies, Maaike is your partner in developing ‘robust individuals’ who relate constructively to themselves and others. In order to contribute optimally to the desired workforce culture.

Typical questions are:
– I want to improve my relationship with … (myself, other, situation)
– I want to explore my choices around my career
– I want to live my life consciously and more daringly
– I want to validate an intended decision
– I want to be supported in the first 100 days of my new role
– I want to improve the performance of my managementteam/board
– We, as management team, want to add more value and meaning

Maaike draws on many years of personal international work, study and practical experience. As (interim) manager and consultant she has implemented many complex change-management projects in organisations, both in The Netherlands and abroad (Europe, Brazil and U.S.). She is familiar with many industries from the inside (services, healthcare and industrial). Companies that she has worked for or with: Accenture, Achmea Vitale, AVL, EAB, KPN, Multibras, Stork and UMC Utrecht.

She is certified PCC through the MMS Institute and ACC through the International Coach Federation. She speaks fluent English, French and Portuguese.

Married with two children at university. she teaches NIA (fitness program), sings jazz and enjoys taking part in dutch cabaret.
Her coaching style is intuitive, concrete, personal, challenging and with humour.

Marieke van Paassen MCC

Photo of Marieke van Paassen MCC
Cell Phone: +316 38 93 50 75 Website: Website Marieke

Marieke van Paassen is a Coach and Coach Trainer with the MMS Worldwide Instute and leading the Dutch MMS Coach Training.

She has more than 15 years of coaching experience and owns her own coaching practice Blue Orchard. Her clients include executives, creatives and enterpreneurs; individuals and teams. She specializes in balance, resilience, transformations and making life choices. She is skilled in Life and Work Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership, coaching skills and Mentor Coaching. She graduated from the MMS Worldwide Institute and holds an MCC accreditation from the International Coach Federation. Marieke brings joy and vitality to teams and empowers people.

Prior to her work as a coach, Marieke has worked for 16 years in several roles for different Dutch government institutions, in advising, managing and leading roles. She lead a team of 125 people for the Dutch government. Marieke holds a LLM and a MA in Dutch and International law. She graduated form INSEAD’s Consulting and Coaching for Change program. As a Human Givens counselor she supports clients in stress and burn-out situations.
Marieke still practices her own balancing act everyday, combining all the areas in her life that are important to her. Her husband and three children support her in that.

Rebecca Vandenabeele

Photo of Rebecca Vandenabeele
Amsterdam, Noord Holland Nederland Phone: 06-42451921 Website:

Specialties: Executive – Management coaching, Personal coaching, Career coaching & Counselling

After my graduation (MSc in Psychology, University of Amsterdam) I have been working for more than 12 years at different (psychological) consulting firms, including Hudson and GITP. I have gained experience as a trainer, coach and assessment psychologist. In 2010
I started as a self-employed psychologist and specialised as a coach by following the MMS Coach Training.

Currently I run my own coaching practice in Amsterdam. I coach people with their personal and professional development and help them to get the best out of themselves.

My clients are primarily in the financial services (RBS, ABN Amro, ING), consulting (Accenture) and IT (IBM).

My vision and mission:
Since I can remember I am fascinated by understanding and managing (personal) change. How come we always get stuck in old patterns? Why do we find it so hard to change effectively? Deep down we know what to do, but we find it hard to take the necessary steps to get there. During my coaching sessions I will help you find your authentic self by focussing on your talents and developing your potential. You will be able to connect with what you feel inside. This will help you to find the answers to the questions you have. By removing limiting beliefs and by breaking old patterns new possibilities evolve and you can actually start to change.

In my coaching I include aspects of MMS coaching, motivational interviewing, solution focused coaching, and transactional analysis. I help you increase your personal effectiveness when things get ‘political’. By developing your social antennae and strengthening your communication skills, you will increase your personal impact in (multidisciplinary) project teams.


Specialties: Executive – Management coaching, Personal coaching, Loopbaancoaching & Counseling

Na mijn wetenschappelijke studie Psychologie ben ik ruim 12 jaar werkzaam geweest bij verschillende (psychologische) adviesbureaus, waaronder Hudson en GITP. Ik heb daar ervaring opgedaan als trainer, assessment psycholoog en coach. In 2010 heb ik de stap gezet naar zelfstandig ondernemerschap en ben ik mij verder gaan specialiseren in (Executive) coaching.

Op dit moment werk ik vanuit mijn eigen praktijk in Amsterdam en begeleid ik mensen bij hun persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling.

Mijn opdrachtgevers bevinden zich met name in de financiële dienstverlening (RBS, ABN Amro, ING), zakelijke dienstverlening (Accenture) en IT (IBM).

Mijn visie en missie:
Sinds ik me kan herinneren ben ik gefascineerd door mensen en (gedrags-) verandering. Hoe komt het dat we steeds vastlopen in oude patronen? Waarom vinden we het zo moeilijk om te veranderen? Vaak weten we diep van binnen wat goed voor ons is, maar ondernemen we niet de stappen die nodig zijn om dit te bereiken. Tijdens mijn coach gesprekken gaan we samen op zoek naar jouw authentieke zelf, jouw talenten en kwaliteiten. Ik breng je in contact met je gevoel en met je innerlijke kracht en ik help je om zelf de antwoorden te vinden op de vragen die je hebt. Door belemmerende gedachten te overwinnen en oude patronen te doorbreken komt er ruimte vrij voor nieuwe mogelijkheden en kom je in beweging.

Daarnaast ondersteun ik professionals bij het vergroten van hun persoonlijke effectiviteit binnen een politiek krachtenveld. Door het ontwikkelen van je sociale voelsprieten en het versterken van je communicatieve vaardigheden help ik jou je impact te vergroten binnen (multidisciplinaire) projectteams.
Mijn aanpak is no-nonsense en doelgericht, met weinig informatie weet ik de vinger op de zere plek te leggen. Ik geef concrete adviezen waar je meteen mee aan de slag kunt. Op deze manier krijg jij weer de regie over je eigen loopbaan, verandertraject of (persoonlijke) ontwikkeling. In mijn coaching pas ik o.a. aspecten toe van MMS coaching, Motiverende Gespreksvoering, Oplossingsgericht coachen, en Transactionele Analyse. Door verschillende methoden te combineren sluit ik aan bij jouw vraagstelling en stem ik zoveel mogelijk af op jouw specifieke situatie.

Reinier Tilanus

Photo of Reinier Tilanus
Home Phone: +31 624 483 192 Website:

A food process engineer by training, I have spent over sixteen years in international business leading supply chain up to board level, then to realize my heart was not really in it. Since 2007 I run my own business in coaching, (intercultural) communication, constellation work and team facilitation. I also co-lead leadership journeys to for instance Bhutan. These until now have been the happiest years in my life, having followed my passion for people.

After also sixteen years of living in sin, I happily married Joke in 2013 and still enjoy every moment of it. My other great love is my violin. I work in Dutch, English or German.


Reinier’s vision and mission:

As a process engineer, I believe in clarity and structure to support understanding and effectiveness and the power of the left brain.

As a Buddhist, I believe in wisdom and compassion to enhance connection to self and others.

Both serve to improve effectiveness, deepen consciousness and create more happiness.

In this way, I love to be of service. I truly believe there is more to every single one of us.

Be welcome to find out!

Rozemarijn Janss

Photo of Rozemarijn Janss
Leiden, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31654613111

Specialties: life coaching, (work) coaching of (future) medical doctors

Born in 1959, working as an anesthesiologist, and as trainer and coach of (future) medical doctors and MMS coach since spring 2014.

As a medical student I directed a musical. My greatest joy came from helping the actors (who were peer students) to find their inner strength and realise their maximum potential on stage.

Many years later, working as a pain doctor, I discovered that the most satisfying part of my work was not so much the medical part, but to accompany the patients on their intimate and personal journey to cope with their pain. I realized than (remembering the musical) that I would really enjoy to accompany healthy people on their journey to cope with life and the choices life brings.

It took me another twenty years of wandering to actually full this and make it a part of my work. The MMS coach training was the cherry on the cake of my personal journey. In my own coach process during the training I experienced the beneficence that the careful attention given by an MMS coach brings and how that attention helped me to find and solve obstacles and to come into action.

My vision and mission
Everybody arrives at crossing points in their life wondering: am I on the right path? These crossing points are connected to life issues such as relationships, work, family, friendships. You can be confused, you don’t know any more what it is that you really want, which road to take? At such a crossing point I can help you:

  • to unravel, provide insight in and sort out the ‘confusion’ in your head
  • to focus your attention on what really matters to you and to find out what you really want with your head and your heart
  • to come into action and take concrete steps to go there where you really want to be.

I believe and I know that you yourself have the answers and the possibilities. I would be happy and honoured to accompany you on your journey.


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