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Anath Lievendag

Photo of Anath Lievendag
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Home Phone: +972-50-2668424 Website:

Specialised in Skype Coaching – Life & Career Coaching from the comfort of your office or home, including but not limited to Lawyers, Managers, (Starting) Entrepreneurs, Expats, Women, Relationships, Parenting, Relocation, etc.

Background: After I finished my masters in law, I joined a leading international law firm where I practiced law at the highest level for seven years. As a senior associate, the firm provided me with a coach. The coaching sessions changed my life and inspired me to also become a coach. After 7 years with the firm, I joined a British multinational. Besides managing the legal department, I was involved in change management and coaching. Currently, I run my own international coaching practice which allows me to combine the things I love and do best.

My vision and mission: When I was 28 years old I was making a nice salary, married to a very nice man, living in a beautiful house in the suburbs of Amsterdam: on the outside my life was perfect but on the inside I was miserable. I realised that I had adjusted myself to the point that I had lost myself and it was time to start living my life according to me. Coaching helped me make this transformation and find myself again. It enabled me to reconnect with myself, express myself truly and create my life the way I want it. We all deserve to be happy and we all have the ability to be happy and reach our full potential at home and at work. This is why I became a coach: to empower you to make positive change, reach your full potential and find fulfilment in every aspect of your life; to guide you through the challenging parts of your journey. Why? Because I care and share your joy when you arrive at your desired destination!

Languages: English, Dutch, Hebrew and Spanish.

Anne-Else Højberg

Photo of Anne-Else Højberg
Utrecht, Cell Phone: +31612809808 Website:

Languages: Dutch, English, Danish

Specialities: Executive Coach, Team Coach, Management Development, Stakeholder management, Coach the coaches.

Vision & Mission: “Be the best version of Yourself” & “Nobody is perfect but a Team can be”

 I am a catalyser and accelerator of individual, team and organisation processes. Even when there are no easy solutions, I support you to find your best solution.

Studied Political Science and International Relations in Denmark.
Broad, international background in four different international organisations and more than ten years in Brussels.
Based in the Netherlands since 2000: Senior Consultant for Management Development, Company Secretary, Program Manager, Director of Communication – Have been heading departments for more than 100 persons.
Independent Executive and Team Coach since 2008, coordinated the CT at the MMS Institute for four seasons – coaching experience since 2000.
See LinkedIn for more details:øjberg/7/…/85b

People describe me as result oriented with a warm hearth. You need to feel safe to open up to new opportunities. I like to create circumstances in which you surprise yourself of what is possible. You get the overview, a clear direction and focus in your (professional) life.


Anneke Ouwerkerk-Renkema

Photo of Anneke Ouwerkerk-Renkema
Obbicht, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31623925091 Website:

Specialties: Life coaching, Team coaching, Children, Coaching programs

I worked in medical care for 22 years as a nurse and manager. I always had great interest in other people. Currently I work as a manager in an IP law firm and I run my own coaching practice, Coachen naar Kracht, together with Jaap Renkema. With the experience of the MMS program we built our own coaching method. Our approach is based on the 7 steps of personal growth. We use this in our workshops and coaching programs, and we can help people very efficiently in short time. I have a warm personality, I’m easy to talk to and very straightforward; what you see is what you get.

My vision and mission
Sometimes people get stuck in a situation from the past and/or they lose perspective of their current situation. They’re not enjoying their life as it is. I like to help these people by asking them the right questions making them able to get their life back on track or to change it in a way they are happy with it. Making other people happy, seeing them grow and enjoying their lives again gives me a lot of energy.

Asli Bilgin

Photo of Asli Bilgin
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31616762664

Specialties: Life coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, team coaching

I worked two decades in multinational firms having various roles in marketing and business development. I travelled around the world and developed businesses. During that time, the moments that gave me most joy were the ones I spent time with other people coaching/mentoring and supporting them in some way. Still I was caught up in conflict – making a career in marketing or changing my path. I started searching and I came across MMS Coaching Training. Through this training I experienced an incredible transformation and discovery. Now I know who I am and what I want and I am doing it. I am starting my own coaching business for individuals and organizations.

My vision and mission
I want to support individuals discover who they are, what they want, unblock their obstacles so they can reach their full potential. I have been in many teams throughout the two decades – some struggling to reach their targets and some reaching greatness. I want to support leaders and teams to discover their purpose and create a path to reach their goals while clearing the blockages they have personally or as a team.

Barbara Roelofs-Piper ACC

Photo of Barbara Roelofs-Piper ACC

Specialties: Compassion Coaching, Life Coaching, Inner Peace, Inner Negotiation

Barbara Piper works at MMS Institute as a coach and facilitator of our Coach Training and Inner Negotiation Workshop in both Amsterdam and Northern California.
As a professional coach, Barbara works with both individual and corporate clients. She started her 20+year career in Corporate Communications and later moved into Health Care Management. During these years Barbara could always be found in a personal development or in an organisational training hub, either learning about management development or learning about different ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, somatic work and systemic constellations. In her work, her focus has always been in the realm of people and communication.

Clients who come to Barbara are often looking to find ways of relief from stress and find more inner peace. Mindfulness and Compassionate conversations are key to finding calm and clarity; to become more resilient.

Barbara holds a Master degree in Communication and over the past 3 years, she studied at Stanford’s CCARE Institute (Cultivating Compassion and Altruism) which combines rigorous academic research with experiential contemplative, meditation practices.

Today, Compassion has become the focus of much of Barbara’s work. As an entrepreneur in compassion, she is founding a centre to bring more inner peace to people with technology at the heart of it.

Vision and Mission: ‘When you drop from your mind into your heart, life is clear and purposeful’

Brechje van Geenen

Photo of Brechje van Geenen
Cell Phone: +31653444457 Website:


My name is Brechje van Geenen and I am Life coach, specialised in coaching individuals in situations of loss, for example relationships through divorce / separation. I bring together personal and professional challenges.

My goal is to support my clients for them to endure the grieving process in a wholesome way, so that they can take back control of their lives and continue working and grow personally.

In my coaching I use my intuition, and am experienced and accredited in tools such as Barrett Values, systemic coaching, Byron Katie, Nonviolent Communication, Iceberg coaching & ‘Succesvol Scheiden method’ to create the opportunity for interactive and transformational sessions.

With more than fifteen years of experience in Professional Development and Operations with McKinsey & Company and as consultant in Malawi, I bring a solid all-round HR background, business knowledge and project management skills. As a divorced mom and employee I bring my own experience.

I am native in Dutch and fluent in English and coach in both languages. I prefer face-to-face coaching, however Skype coaching is possible.

Together with my two sons, I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Mijn naam is Brechje van Geenen en ik ben Life coach, gespecialiseerd in het coachen van mensen in verliessituaties zoals scheidingen. Zo breng ik persoonlijke en professionele vraagstukken bij elkaar.

Mijn doel is mijn cliënten ondersteunen, waardoor zij het verliesproces op een goede manier kunnen doorlopen, zodat zij binnen afzienbare tijd weer grip op hun leven krijgen en aan het werk kunnen (blijven) en persoonlijk door blijven groeien.

Ik werk voornamelijk vanuit mijn intuïtie en heb kennis van en ben geaccrediteerd in verscheidene technieken, zoals Barrett Values, systemisch coachen, Byron Katie, Geweldloze Communicatie, IJsberg coaching & de “Succesvol Scheiden” methode, om de coaching interactief te maken en een setting te creëren voor transformatie.

Door ruim 15 jaar werkervaring in Professional Development/ HR en operations bij McKinsey&Company en als consultant in Malawi, Afrika heb ik een allround HR achtergrond, zakelijk inzicht en project management ervaring. Daarnaast ben ik ervaringsdeskundige als gescheiden moeder en werkneemster.

Ik coach zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels. Het liefst in persoon, maar Skype coaching is ook mogelijk.

Samen met mijn twee zoons woon ik in Amsterdam.

Carel-Jan van Driel ACC

Photo of Carel-Jan van Driel ACC
Cell Phone: +31 6 290 36 203 Website: Catch the Tide – Personal and Team Coaching/Training Skype: careljanvdriel

In 2017, I decided to give shape to my professional work in a different way. I worked in business for 34 years, including 20 years as executive R&D manager at Philips and Signify in various standings and business units. In those years I was trained and received certificates to facilitate teams in their change process.

In the spring of 2018, I graduated (Professional Coach level) from the MMS Coaching Training and received the ICF ACC certificate. Since July 2018 I have my own company(Catch the Tide) and coach people or work with teams. My passion is to support people in their development, to help discover the next step and consequently help to take that step. As such “discover/uncover” (ont-dekken in Dutch) is the overarching theme.  I work as a coach and you are invited to contact me to talk about what I could mean to you.

Having experienced myself as an executive and leader to change my own organization several times, I got fascinated by organizational cultures and change management in organizations. I have been trained during my career to professionally facilitate culture change workshops. I conducted multiple culture change workshops per year with various teams.

As a professional coach and team facilitator I use this experience to support and facilitate teams and their leaders. It could be about the effectiveness of the team, collaboration in the team, collaboration with other teams, conflict resolutions, etc. In case of questions about direction of the team, the team purpose or the vision of the team, I use scenario planning to support the team to get more clarity and to define the necessary answers and actions.

I work throughout the country and for certain activities I work in the mountains or on the water. I like to work with other coaches, to develop new programs and continue to learn from each other.

My favourite hobby is (off-shore) sailing, making trips along the European coast and discovering new areas.

Carlien de Roy van Zuydewijn

Photo of Carlien de Roy van Zuydewijn
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 20 3706982Cell Phone: +31 6 51337379 Website:


  • Divorce-coaching
  • Relationship-coaching and -mediation
  • Mediation in general

After having worked for many years as a legal advisor and registered mediator in divorce- and other familylaw-cases I was – so it seems – automatically pushed in the direction of coaching. Because over time I had come to the conclusion, that the real issue in most divorces is not so much the legal or the financial part, but the emotional part – which is all too often being translated in fights in the legal and/or the financial area. But being a mediator I was not allowed to address the ´emotional divorce´, which interested me more and more.

Apart from that aspect I saw quite a lot of people with great personal potential – especially women – getting stuck in their divorce-related problems – with all sorts of consequences for themselves and their children. Becoming a qualified coach became mandatory for me. So in January 2003 I started my MMS´CT-training and what an eye-opener it was for me. I loved the type of coaching I was taught. After that I extended my education to related areas as grief-counseling. By now my practice has been fully transformed from arranging divorce-arranging to divorce- (and relationship-)coaching.

My vision and mission
My education as a grief-counselor was an important follow-up to my coach-education. Because it made me aware, that people in divorce-situations too often overlook the fact, that divorcing is above all a process of grief and bereavement instead of shame, quilt and fingerpointing. I am convinced, that people going through this difficult period in their lives (or later) need more care and help in tending to their hurt souls and finding a new direction in life than they (want to) know. They think a beauty-therapist can help, hoping it makes them feel better. It does, but shortly and only on the outside. What they really need is an ´emotional beauty-therapist´: the essence of divorce-coaching.

The same can be said about relationship-coaching: here it is the relationship, that is ailing – while the partners lose sight of each other, struggle in the fog and start contemplating divorce. Here the emotional beauty-therapist is also needed, but in this area coaching is necessarily often mixed with mediation.

Though the topic in itself is often regarded as sad, I love to do this work – especially when I see my clients slowly discovering life and sunshine again… Can I help you?

Caroline Wamsteker PCC

Photo of Caroline Wamsteker PCC
Den Haag, Zuid-Holland The Netherlands Phone: +31 6 24716278 Website:

Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee and leader in Holland

Caroline Wamsteker is an MMS trained Coach, facilitator, and leader since 2008. Together with Wendy van Leusen she is Licensed to promote, produce, and present the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) in the Netherlands.

She facilitated and led more than 25 INW’s in The Netherlands and is launching internationally. She also leads the MMS Master Class and trains MMS future leaders and facilitators. In the MMS Continuum, Journey to the Next Level, she and Wendy support individuals taking the next step in their personal development.

In her own company she coaches and trains people who want to connect to what they really want in life to find ways to turn that into reality. She works instinctively and purposeful, with both feet on the ground, concretely and effectively. Always with a listening ear and respect for whatever it is that moves her clients.

Before finding her inspiration in coaching she worked as an event manager in a Concert and Congress hall and the Royal Theatre of The Hague. Next to that she is a serial entrepreneur as co-owner of a beach club and a Jazz club.

She lives in Scheveningen (The Hague at sea) with her husband Ed, youngest daughter, dog and cat. She loves reading, walking in nature, connecting with friends, gardening, cooking, and swimming in the sea.


Charles Vivier

Photo of Charles Vivier
Paris, France Cell Phone: +33 6 37 10 06 61

I am 52 years old and the happy father of 3 sons. I live in Paris with my companion Lindsey Taylor the love of my life who is the mother of 2 daughters and is coach as well. I feel blessed and lucky to be in good health surrounded by the love of my loved ones and friends.
After a diversified carrier in sales and management I helped people to build and grow their own company by investing, sharing my network, know how, and experience in an investment structure with my brother in law.
After the mother of my children and I were separated, we stopped working together. I continue to accompany my friends and network; by listening to them, sharing experiences, supporting them in any way in an informal structure.

I am now a certified coach from MMS and work as a professional coach.

My vision and mission:
Building a trusting relationship, I wish to accompany and empowering you to be fully yourself and live your life in truth, finding your own happiness.

Listening to you, helping you to define your objectives, connecting to your feelings, bringing out the right questions and finding your own answers to lead you anywhere you want and to fully reach your Life potential and Love connection.

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott MCC

Photo of Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott MCC
MMS Director

Master Certified Coach (ICF)

“The Mother of Coaching” since 1974 Director of Training for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.MCC started to coach and train coaches before coaching was a profession. She is the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, published in 40 countries with over 4 millions copies sold, Transformational Life Coaching, a handbook for coaches, Negaholics: Stop Being Negative and Reclaim Your Happiness, and 14 additional titles.

Dr. Carter-Scott is Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie, a feature length documentary to be released in 2016.

She has been a frequent guest on Oprah and has appeared on numerous international media tours that include: The Today Show, CNN, and dozens of TV, radio, and print interviews. Not only is she a media personality who has worked on five continents in over 30 countries, she currently trains coaches in Europe, Asia, and North America.

She is a subject matter expert in motivation, self-esteem, customer relations, change management, communication skills, team building, coaching, mentoring, customer service, change management, and Negaholics, (overcoming negativity), and leadership training. Her online subscription, offers intense content of 130 modules, presenting 20 online courses available 24/7.

She has been coaching change successfully for over 40 years, individually, in teams, and in Mergers and Acquisitions. Her portfolio of companies: Motivation Management Service Institute, Inc (MMS), The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV, and Management Coaching Service, LP have reached millions of people worldwide. Some of her Fortune 500 corporate clients include: KPMG, DHL, MGM Resorts, FMC, American Express, IBM, State Farm Insurance, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and hundreds of others.

Dr. Carter-Scott is a CEO, a wife, mother, a sister, scuba diver, an instrument-rated pilot.

Christien Mulder

Photo of Christien Mulder
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland The Netherlands Phone: +31 654927003


The search for a balanced life has never been as difficult as today. Responsibilities, daily life, the abundance of choices, expectations – of others and ourselves, sometimes make us forget who we really are, what our dreams are and what makes us happy.

My purpose as a coach is to help you achieve your dreams and goals. Not by telling you what to do, but by letting you (re)discover your inner self. I am convinced that, in their core, people know what they want and what is best for them. As a coach, it is my role to bring your own answers to your questions to the surface.

I will help you to focus on you: to find your dreams, break through barriers and explore your potential and talents. So you will discover your own answers to questions such as “What do I really want to achieve?” and “What do I need to get there?” and “How do I get there?”.

Coos Bahlmann

Photo of Coos Bahlmann
Cell Phone: 0031 6 20 55 90 30 Website:

Als gecertificeerd Personal Life Coach help ik mensen bij gewenste veranderingen in privé of werksfeer en bij stress of onrust passende keuzes te maken. Na de coaching weet je wat je wilt, ben je dicht bij jezelf en kun je met energie en zelfvertrouwen verder gaan.

Mijn specialiteit is jou begeleiden bij het maken van die keuzes. Passende keuzes geven richting en rust in alle denkbare situaties.
De sessies zorgen er voor dat je jouw eigen antwoorden gaat vinden en je waarheid gaat beleven.

Ik help je met:
– Je verlangen in beeld te brengen;
– keuzes te maken en stappen te zetten;
– plannen concreet te verwoorden en te verbeelden;
– durven en in actie te komen;
– leven en werken op de manier die bij je past.

Dit is mogelijk in 1 op 1 sessies via e-Coaching, Skype of in persoon, dus waar je je het meest prettig bij voelt.

Angst kan in het leven een enorme drijfveer zijn om dingen niet te (durven) doen. 25 jaar lang heb ik in loondienst in de pas gelopen. De zekerheid van een vast salaris weerhield mij ervan om andere keuzes en verlangens die ik had te overwegen. Totdat ik mijzelf de vraag stelde; leeft het leven mij of leef ik het leven? Ik heb geleerd dat loslaten van wat ik eigenlijk diep in mijn hart niet wil, veel ruimte kan geven. Als je loslaat, durft te vertrouwen op je intuïtie en durft te kiezen met je hart, gaat het immers meestal wel goed. Het verstand wil daarentegen vaak controleren, beheersen en
(be-)grijpen, maar niet loslaten. Mijn ervaring is dat als ik vertrouw op het leven, dat het leven naar mij toe komt. Dan reikt het,  juist door het loslaten van krampachtig gemaakte besluiten,  die zaken aan die op dat moment bij mij passen en nodig zijn.

Ik ben biologisch dynamisch agrariër geweest, ik heb als teamleider met kinderen en jongeren gewerkt en ik heb 25 jaar lang ervaring binnen profit- en non-profit organisaties als personeelsmanager en adviseur. Ik heb afscheid genomen van mijn werk als personeelsmanager. Mijn missie is om mensen, teams en organisaties tot authenticiteit te brengen, juist door keuzes te maken die bij hen passen. Dit doe ik als onafhankelijk en zelfstandig coach en trainer.

Als klant kun je rekenen op mijn betrokkenheid, discretie, duidelijkheid, een warm hart en resultaat.

Je kunt me altijd een e-mail sturen of kijken of ik beschikbaar ben op telefoonnummer
06 – Maar houd er a.j.b. rekening mee dat door de aard van mijn werk ik niet altijd in staat ben direct de telefoon op te nemen of terug te mailen. Maar ik beantwoord altijd je voicemail of e-mail binnen twee dagen.

Bezoek in ieder geval mijn website voor informatie en voor aanmelding.

Doan Huynh Van Anh PCC

Photo of Doan Huynh Van Anh PCC
MMS Licensee

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

MMS Licensed ACSTH Coach Trainer, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 

Doan Huynh Van Anh is the first ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) in Vietnam. She is a full time coach at Life Coaching Vietnam, and is in charge of the personal coaching and training in the Vietnam territory. In May 2015, coach Van Anh officially became the first PCC (Professional Certified Coach) in Vietnam. She has over 1,100 coaching hours with 300 clients aged 18 – 40, both students and working professionals. She was a facilitator for 150 days of “I Am Gifted, So Are You!” camps in Vietnam since 2010 (3-day programs). She is a certified practitioner in MBTI for individuals and corporate executives. She is also trained to interview and write resumes. She had a background in digital advertising, customer relations, communication skills, coaching, and mentoring. With the desire to help students and working professionals to overcome common obstacles to career and personal development, Van Anh decided to become a Life Coach and a Career Coach. She commits to develop herself with the skills and core competencies compatible with The MMS Worldwide Institute and the ICF standards.


Eppo Broese van Groenou

No Photo Available
Haarlem, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +316 52433873

I started my working career as a trainee at a bank after several years as a law student in Leiden. After several jobs in and out of this bank, I started as a pension and insurance specialist. Later I switched over to a small private bank and became manager at their insurance company. During my period in the financial industry I found out that my real passion is working together with people. I was really interested in what drives people and what makes them successful. I also learned from my colleagues that I was good at coaching and energizing them. I realize that I had to do something with that passion, so I started the MMS Coach training.

Since a few years now I have been active as a Career coach, an Executive coach and as a Team coach. With my long time experience, both as an employee, an entrepreneur and a manager, I hope that I can help people to find their passion and purpose in life and let them realize that we all have talents.

My vision and mission
After I got out of service at the bank I learned that it is very difficult for people who are fifty plus and lose their job to find a new one. Also a lot of people who have this age lose their motivation to do their work.

I can help those people by vitalizing them. Important is find out what your strengths are and not emphasize what your weaknesses are. Focus on your talents and get them even better. Believe in yourself, don’t always compare with others. You are unique and show it. Age is an advantage, not a disadvantage! Also when you are 50+ there are a lot of things you can achieve and I will help and support you to reach those goals.

Fineke van Leusen

Photo of Fineke van Leusen
Almere, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31646752012

Specialties:  Life coaching, executive coaching, mediation (done a lot as notary public) and team coaching

For 26 years I worked in the legal business. More than 15 years I was civil notary and entrepeneur from a reputable firm. In 2015 I decided to follow my heart, to quit my job and to become a coach. I want to inspire people to get the best out of themselves and to make their dreams come true.

Consciously Move
I support you to be (more) aware of enjoying your life, to honor your precious time and find the balance between work and private life. I want to make you aware, so that you realise that there is more than just working, taking care and lots of “needs”. You only live once, so make sure you’re enjoying the things you are doing.
As a coach, a human and expert I support you to take matters in your own hands! You yourself know exactly what is good for you. Many times you have tucked it away unconsciously and you are acting in your way now, because some one else wants, or to get compliments or for any other reason.
In my coaching sessions I will ask you the question: what do you want? Muddling or change? This asks for courage, effort, money and energy, but…it will bring you so much: freedom, a smile on your face, a nice body, balance…You are the only one who can make the choice to do something about your own situation. You’re in control, consciously move!

My life
I have a lovely husband and three wonderful children. Besides my family and work I like to make time for running, ice speedscating, yoga, meditation, making music as a violist in a great symphony orchestra, to read, to cook, gardening and be with my friends.
If you like to know more about my approach, please contact me.

Florence Marie Guesnet

Photo of Florence Marie Guesnet
Minden, Home Phone: 00491732842072

Areas of specialization: executive coaching, realising female potential in organisations, international careers, international family life, change management.

From purpose to action, from ideas to reality:

Bringing the best out of people and helping them to turn their individual purpose into reality is my passion. This passion has shaped my own life, too: as a student I worked in political organisations to advance democracy and peace, as a leader in various multi-national companies I embraced and practised the values I believe in. In this moment of my  life, I want to bring all my competencies and skills to individuals and organisations who can benefit from someone who is analytical and creative, empathetic and tough, serious and full of humour: that is me.

In coaching, I build on my skills as an MMS graduate at ACC level and on my wealth of experience as a Senior Marketing Executive in various international organisations. I enjoy working with individuals and with teams, and we can talk in German, English and French. Individual coaching I offer in person and remotely. 

I am a delighted mother of three (rather grown-up) children, I have lived and worked in Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. I enjoy cooking (and eating), travels, reading, Yoga, Golf and many other things the universe throws in my path.

Fran Fisher, MCC, Master Mentor

Photo of Fran Fisher, MCC, Master Mentor
Master Certified Coach (MCC) Phone: 253-220-8782 Website:

Fran Fisher is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), recognized internationally as
a pioneer of the coaching profession. She is a published author and
international speaker. Fran served as a founding ICF Executive Board
member and was responsible for developing the Credentialing Programs for
aspiring coaches and training schools. Fran was the first Executive Director
of the Association for Coach Training Organizations (ACTO). She has been an
ICF Credentialing Assessor for PCC and MCC applicants since 1998. Fran is
the founder of the Academy for Coach Training, one of the first three coach
training schools accredited by ICF, now known as InviteCHANGE.
Fran Fisher was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2012, by the
Washington State Chapter of the International Coach Federation.
She provides coaching services for individuals, small business owners,
executives and collaborative work teams. Her passion and specialty are
training, coaching, and mentoring beginning as well as experienced coaches.

Gabrielle Sepers

Photo of Gabrielle Sepers

I have always followed my own path: a treasure hunt to discover my purpose, building bridges between people, exploring new things every day and using my talents to contribute as much as possible.

This has brought me a really big family, friends in 80 countries around the world and a house in the countryside where I grow my own vegetables (talent there is still under construction…).

After exploring my creative and adventurous side in professional ballet and diving, I have worked as a lawyer, in a law firm and for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. As a Chief Compliance & Risk Officer in a big telco I have managed and transformed big teams and advised and closely worked with the Board of Management and Supervisory Board. As a management consultant for McKinsey I advised and coached companies on strategy, change management and big transformations.

From pure management consulting I then made the transition into coaching, management support, and team facilitation. Together with my partners, I support individuals and teams in processes of transformation, taking them into nature and giving them the experience of true communication.

I hold a double masters in law and an INSEAD MBA.

I get my inspiration from travelling, nature, books, music and arts. I love dancing, yoga and (healthy) food.

Gabrielle” vision and mission
My dream is to create a shared awareness of how we, as people, can grow – individually and together. When we make true connections, we access incredible potential and boost our creativity. This makes it possible for us to realize great things. In other words, I believe in magic…especially in making magic together.

Han de Ronde

Photo of Han de Ronde
Waalre, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +31655396955 Website:

Specialties: personal leadership coaching, team coaching, intervision coaching, team conflict coaching

Han de Ronde (1951) is coach and loves to sail. “I enjoy speeding in my boat with large white sails continuously adapting to small changes in wind and water to make the boat glide seemingly effortless through the waves. That is also how I envision the coaching process: To support a coachee in his search to find the optimal route through the obstacles people find on their way. To ensure that they continue their career and life fully re-energized and with pleasure.”

“My role as coach is to listen and to ask questions; easy solutions I cannot provide. The answers to all your questions are within you, my role is to make you conscious of these answers. My style is personal and empathetic, but sometimes also clear and confrontational. I have developed this style as a manager at  director level in an international environment, both in large multinationals as well as in small organizations. Additional study has given me the theoretical knowledge of coaching, and I have used and sharpened this knowledge while practicing during my 30-year career.”

“I belief that people can develop the talents they have. Every person is capable of more than he believes himself. The role of the coach is to ensure that all the potential of an individual blossoms.”

For sports coaching I have developed an interest for the application of the “Inner Game of Golf”.

For working with the Lumina Spark  and Lumina Leader personal portrait I have been accredited by Lumina Learning.

On the website you will also find actual references and my code of conduct.

My vision and mission
“I have been fascinated during my whole life by talent development. To see the opportunity and grasp it to develop yourself further, to learn from a situation en to be able to make a next step. I practise this myself. That is why I have become a coach.”

Harald Rossing

Photo of Harald Rossing
Doorwerth, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 6 53769330

Specialties: life coaching, business coaching, personal coaching

In my life I always have been interested in the combination of what people drive and the business they do. I studied business economics and worked almost 20 years in business and management consulting, working on assignments where people make the difference: personally, in teams, in organizations and in network systems. In other words, when people are doing business, they bring their own. I consulted business-wise assignments as well as I coached people.

In my personal life I had to face themes on life and death of children and young adults, family and personal relationships.

Since 2012 I started a coach practice and I organize retreats on personal and career questions together with my wife Marielle and specialized people on body- and energy work. We organize the retreats in a relaxing and inspiring environment.

My vision and mission
A human being is only able to live her or his life when she or he is aware of what she or he has been given: mentally, physical, emotional and spiritual. When a human is able to listen to what these areas tell him, he can live and work more effective, loving, relaxed, spirited and vital.

Some of us are listening to these areas very naturally, but most of us have not learned where to listen and how to listen.

With our retreats we aim to support people in listening deeper, in order to answer their questions on life and work. After a retreat our clients feel their contribution in life more meaningful.

Harmen van Dijk ACC

Photo of Harmen van Dijk ACC
MMS Faculty

Manager of the MMS Coach Training in The Netherlands

Harmen van Dijk is an ICF accredited coach (ACC), Manager of the MMS Coach Training in The Netherlands, and owner of Dreamtree Coaching. His areas of exper-tise are personal development, leadership, executive coaching, intercultural relations as well as team-communication and conflict resolution. As the owner of Dreamtree Coaching he has supported numerous individual clients and groups from the profit and non-profit sector in finding their life’s purpose by taking them into nature with team-building events.

Prior to working with MMS Worldwide Institute, Harmen served as a diplomat for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over 12 years, serving in The Hague, La Paz, Bolivia and Berlin, Germany. As a manager in Germany, he was responsible for serving over 2500 Dutch companies per year during his tour of duty. He holds a MSc in Dutch and International Law and is fluent in Dutch, English, German and Spanish and has a good understanding of French.

Harmen is a proud husband and father of two daughters. He is a firm believer in
synchronicity and the power of vulnerability. He is a lover of adventure, travelling new and uncharted places, nature, music and arts and is continuously open to be amazed by life.

Hester Hospes

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Cell Phone: +31633586832 Website:

Specialties: Work/life, relations, ADHD

In the “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” the answer is 42 but nobody knows what the question is. In real life it’s often the other way round. Sometimes we don’t even know what the question is either, because we are afraid to dream or so estranged from our true self that we cannot find our own questions anymore. That’s where I come in. I love to help you find your questions and answers.

You’re questions may be:

  • Where to go with work or business?
  • How to balance work and home?
  • Why are we always getting in to fights?
  • How to get rid of this vaguely unhappy feeling?

My name is Hester, mother, friend, wife and searcher for happiness.I have a university degree in law and government studies, have worked for the government and in a hospital for many years and am now building my own business.

Jaap Renkema

Photo of Jaap Renkema
Obbicht, The Netherlands Cell Phone: +316420 55136 Website:

Specialties: Life coaching, Team assessments, Children

After a study in chemistry I started working as a project manager at DSM. Later on I switched to the patent department and became a patent attorney. In 2004 I started my own patent company and in addition I started a coaching company, Coachen naar Kracht, in 2009, together with Anneke Ouwerkerk-Renkema. The methods we use here are based on our experience from the MMS course. We created our own 7-step pathway of personal growth. This approach helps people to grow, make changes, and live the life they want. I wrote a book about this theory: “The personal growth accelerator”. I always see the goodness and talents of people, which I use to help them find their own power. I have a well-developed rational and analytical side, I’m open-minded and I have a strong intuition.

My vision and mission
Each person is unique and lives on earth with a certain goal: to discover who you are and what your qualities are, and to use these qualities to contribute to the world and find your own happiness and satisfaction in doing this. The road to this goal differs for each person. Everybody knows his/her own pathway the best, but the journey is not always easy. Sometimes you need a little support. Then I, as a coach, can help you to get back on track by asking the right questions. My passion is to support people on their journey and contribute to their personal growth.

Jean-Francois Cousin MCC

Photo of Jean-Francois Cousin MCC
MMS Faculty

Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Trainer for Motivation Coaching Service, LTD, Bangkok, Thailand

Jean-Francois Cousin became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a management career around the world with a Fortune-500 company. He is one of the six coaches accredited as a ‘Master Certified Coach’ by the International Coach Federation in South East Asia, the highest distinction in the profession.

He has coached over 500 executives working in a great variety of positions, most often on leadership development, strategic planning, career orientation, work-life balance and cross-cultural management. His Clients hail from over 50 nationalities, and all continents. Jean-Francois regularly coaches executive groups on leadership, strategy, accountability, collaboration, change management and staff engagement.

As an executive coach, he is recognized for his tenacious focus on securing meaningful shifts and results for his clients, for his ability to understand quickly the environment and challenges of his coaches (leveraging his previous experience in a variety of operational and functional roles) and for his sensitivity to cultural differences.

Jean-Francois has co-authored two books: Coaching in Asia, the definitive guide to the principles and practices of empowering personal and organisational change in Asia, and Untold stories of Executive Coaching in Thailand; keys to unlock people’s potential. He writes regular columns on Management & Leadership for newspapers and magazines. Jean-Francois is an accredited Extended DISC consultant & trainer, a certified MBTI practitioner, a certified NLP practitioner, a certified Booth 360 feedback coach, and is trained as a ‘Clean Language’ and ‘Emergent Knowledge’ coach. He supervises coaches, is continuously supervised and spends over 80 hours a year for his development.

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, he worked 15 years for Lafarge, the ‘world-leader in building materials’. He occupied management positions in manufacturing, marketing, business development and general management, which took him to the four corners of the globe. His last corporate assignment was Strategy Vice-President for one of the 4 Divisions of Lafarge, where he helped to anchor solid internal and external growth for the 2 b€ business, and coached Managing Directors over 5 continents.His frequent cross-cultural workshops have been attended by over 500 executives to date and his public-speaking engagements have attracted over 3,000 participants. His recently published book (2015),Game Changers at the Circus—How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organizations is a handbook for leaders. Jean-Francois graduated as an engineer in France (Ecole Centrale Paris) and received senior executive education from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, USA. His hobbies include travelling (to over 75 countries) as well as sailing, skiing, reading and movies –which he uses extensively in his executive coaching practice.

Jessica Austin PCC

Photo of Jessica Austin PCC
MMS Faculty

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV
The Netherlands

Jessica Austin is a personal leadership development facilitator and cross-cultural consultant with 20 years of US and Pan-European experience. She lives a wonderfully balanced life, prioritizing time at home with her young children, facilitating personal development, and training coaches as a leader of The MMS Worldwide Institute team, as well as providing executive coaching services for leaders at large multinational organizations.

Her background includes 10 years as an employee in HR HQs for Microsoft and Deloitte, 10 years leading people and virtual teams in Director and Senior Management roles, and 4000+ hours coaching and training people around the world.

She holds a degree in Psychology and Education (Cum Laude honors degree), and was Microsoft’s Global Learning & Development team’s in-house Master Facilitator for three years (2012-2014). In this role she coached 75 leaders and managers in a virtual 1-1 environment, and travelled to 20 countries to deliver 100+ days of management skills training (Belgium, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the Global HQ in the US). Jessica also delivered Train The Trainer (TTT) programs, where she role-modeled, trained, assessed and certified facilitators and coaches to deliver Learning & Development services world-wide. In 2015 Microsoft awarded Jessica with an Excellence in Facilitation Award in appreciation of her strong performance.

Before Microsoft, Jessica held Director and Senior Management level positions for 10 years at Deloitte (a “Big 4” professional services firm) and at The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (a top 10 European business school). In these roles she managed people and developed teams in the Netherlands and virtually across Europe.

She was honored to receive the Global Passport Trainer of the Year Award in recognition of her top quality training and coaching provided to leaders on behalf of Crown Relocations in 2011.

Her clients come from more than 50 countries worldwide, and work at companies in various industries including: American Medical Systems, Bolton Adhesives, Crown Relocations, Elsevier, London Business School, Microsoft, Oracle, Skype, The MMS Worldwide Institute, The Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Unilever, Urenco, Yale School of Management and more.

Joanna Rybczynska

Photo of Joanna Rybczynska

Being an expatriate for over 15 years, I have extensive experience with individuals from diverse personal and professional background and cross-cultural environments. My cultural awareness, holistic approach, and passion for human growth and development form the basis of my service as a global coach.

Teaching meditation for several years, after attending spiritual retreats in Dubai, India, Malaysia and Thailand, deepened my sense of wholehearted service to others. Guiding, coaching, mentoring and inspiring people became my second nature. My wish is to empower others to reveal their authenticity, find their integrity and enter the world of multi-possibilities.  My strength and charisma come from a visionary attitude, yogic focus, emotional intelligence and intuitive approach. Inner voice, nature’s wisdom and sense of humour are my ultimate teachers in life.

Today, as a MMS coach, yoga teacher and subtle activist, I share my knowledge and experience by offering yogic lifestyle coaching and holistic mentoring. In my sessions I put emphasis on establishing an action plan that honors the process of self-discovery and on gaining a sense of control and flow by moving from the judgment mentality of right and wrong and into self-awareness. Moreover, I observe that the most inspiring and enriching for my clients is learning to appreciate the journey – as much as arriving at a destination.

Joanna’s vision and mission
Thanks to my extensive travels and previous career as a flight attendant, I look at coaching session as a journey. A client who chooses coaching with me will reach from where he is to where he wants to be. Assisting people to comfortably and safely get to their final destination was my role as a stewardess, and is a new one as a coach.

Using this metaphor I would like to invite you to see coaching as a way of exploring and discovering new places, especially the ones hidden deep inside your heart. Everybody loves traveling and knows that it broadens the mind. Working with me is like having a ticket to your inner world. Together, we will explore what your inner landscape looks like and how you want to journey though it. Knowing your inner world will impact how you travel though your outer world.

Clients often tell me that they appreciate going off the beaten path to find their inner map and hidden treasures. The inner journey coaching isn’t about fixing yourself but rather discovering your natural strengths and talents and accepting true purpose of your life. It is about learning to navigate through mental turbulences and avoiding emotional crash landing J

I’d like to sum ​​up the power of coaching by quoting M. Benanov: ‘ you travel faster alone, but farther together ‘.

Judit Ábri von Bartheld PCC

Photo of Judit Ábri von Bartheld PCC
MMS Licensee

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

MMS Licensed ACSTH Coach Trainer, Budapest, Hungary

Judit has worked with leaders for over 25 years supporting them first as a PR consultant, and then as a coach since 2009. As PR and communication consultant she advised GE,  British Aerospace, Saab International, Stadler Rail, Pfizer, and Lego when they established their organizations in Hungary. As a consultant she supported government relations and internal communications of her international clients in Hungary. As a coach since 2009, she participated in many international leadership development programs and has over 1400 coaching hours with corporate clients. She established her international program, Coaching Without Borders (CHN) in September 2011.Coaching Without Borders brings international coaching experts to Hungary to educate Hungarians who are interested in coaching and leadership development. She has taught at the MBA program of CEU (Central European University), runs a Leadership Academy jointly with the International Business School in Budapest. Judit has co-written an interview book about international coaches who participated on her program and co-translated and published the book Brilliant Coaching by Julie Starr. Judit was one of the project initiators & leaders of the International Coach Federation’s “I care for” Award winning program: “Coach Up” in March 2015 which was a project aimed at introducing ICF standards of coaching to the corporate world jointly carried out with American Chamber of Commerce Hungary and ICF Chapter Hungary.

Karin van Grunsven PCC

Photo of Karin van Grunsven PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Karin van Grunsven is an international coach and trainer who trains coaches as a leader of The MMS Worldwide Institute team. Her areas of expertise include: personal development, coaching skills, communication, facilitation skills, and mindfulness. She has delivered personal development and coaching skills programs for Schouten en Nelissen in the Netherlands and China for over 10 years, and she is co-designer and co-leader of a programme in personal leadership and coaching skills in Poland.

She worked in both the profit and non-profit sectors and in governmental institutions. She has trained and coached thousands managers, team leaders and experts from banks, ICT sector, government, health care institutions, commercial companies, telecom industry, training, accounting and consulting firms. Prior to her work as coach she was a training manager for Amnesty International and worked 10 years for DHV as a training consultant on World Bank Projects in Africa and Southeast Asia (Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and China). She has trained hundreds of training managers and trainers in training management, communication and facilitation skills.

She is a happy single, aunt, godmother, and makes a point of balancing work with other activities she loves: spending quality time with friends, making music with other music lovers, dancing, enjoying nature while hiking, enjoying arts, studying, reading and writing, traveling to new places, doing community service. All this adds depth and quality to her work.

Leen-Pieter J. Smit

Photo of Leen-Pieter J. Smit
Website: Leen-Pieter J. Smit's website

After about 30 years work experience at ABN-Amro Bank I have chosen to leave the bank and focus on coaching people. Since 2008 I am an MMS certified coach. I started my own business in 2014. My specialty is to accommodate clients in changing processes, especially at financial and work related issues. Both are very close to my own experience and feelings.

The most important part of making choices is the right feeling. My passion is helping my clients to become aware what really is important for them.

I am able to coach in English, however, my preference is coaching in Dutch.


Mijn specialiteit: het begeleiden van mensen in veranderingsprocessen bij het maken van de juiste keuze bij financiële vraagstukken en werkgerelateerde problemen.

Financieel vraagstuk:

  • overdracht van familievermogen
  • testamenten en schenkingsconstructies
  • echtscheiding
  • gevolgen in privé bij een familiebedrijf
  • bedrijfsopvolging, bedrijfsoverdracht of bedrijfsovername
  • budgettering en beleid

Werkgerelateerd probleem:

  • probleem met de manager/het management
  • probleem met de afdeling
  • terugkomst na een periode van afwezigheid
  • problemen vóór, tijdens of na een burn-out
  • reorganisatie en dreigend ontslag
  • pensionering

Ik zet mijn eigenschappen en ervaring in om mijn cliënt bij te staan met het in gang zetten van veranderingsprocessen. Daarbij houd ik altijd de menselijke waarden in het oog, zonder te oordelen of ‘het beter te weten’. Wel met alle feiten op tafel, hoe complex deze ook zijn. Altijd doe ik een beroep op het gevoel van mijn cliënt.

Mijn cliënt moet zich goed voelen bij de gemaakte keuze!

Bijna 30 jaar was ik in dienst bij ABN Amro en deed daar veel ervaring op in bestuurlijke, strategische en uitvoerende functies. Ik werkte op verschillende commerciële (zakelijk en particulier) en organisatorische afdelingen. Ook vervulde ik diverse managementfuncties.

2003: burn-out. Dankzij mijn burn-out ben ik geconfronteerd met de discrepantie tussen mijn werk en mijn kernwaarden en kwaliteiten. Dit leidde tot een wending in mijn loopbaan, met als doel: de mens meer centraal stellen in mijn werk.

Na een professionele opleiding tot MMS gecertificeerd coach verliet ik de bank. Mijn persoonlijke eigenschappen (luisteren zonder te oordelen, de juiste vragen stellen, open houding, empathisch vermogen en vertrouwelijke uitstraling) sluiten goed aan en blijken zeer waardevol te zijn.

Mijn visie en leidend principe is: evenwicht tussen verstand en gevoel en fysieke conditie is bepalend voor het welbevinden van ieder mens.

Vanuit die visie is de inbreng van feiten en afwegingen van grote betekenis. Ook heel belangrijk is dat mijn cliënt weet en voelt van welke keuze hij meer of minder gelukkig wordt. Mijn rol is om mijn cliënt in staat te stellen de verbinding tussen ‘feiten en afwegingen’ en de ‘gevoelsmatige gevolgen’ hiervan zichtbaar te maken. Het uiteindelijke resultaat is dat mijn cliënt dan zelf de bij hem passende keuze kan maken.

Liesbeth Meijer

Photo of Liesbeth Meijer
Cell Phone: 0657778872 Website:


Ik ben een coach voor jou als “walk your talk” resoneert. Wanneer jij stappen wilt zetten en je datgene kunt veranderen wat je daadwerkelijk wilt veranderen. Het (her)vinden van dat wat je drijft, vanuit je eigen (veer)kracht, zodat je kunt varen op je eigen koers. Alles wat zich aandient is waardevolle informatie om mee te werken. Ik richt me op het werken vanuit jouw intrinsieke motivatie, potentie en kansen die in jouw situatie opgesloten liggen.

Ik ben als coach en trainer opgeleid bij het Amerikaanse The MMS Worldwide Institute, onder leiding van dr. Cherie Carter-Scott. De opleiding is geaccrediteerd door de European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) en de Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches (NOBCO) en heeft een European Quality Award (EQA).

Een verdiepende coachtraining en supervisie programma volgde ik bij de Amerikaanse Alan Seale – Transformational Presence voor leiders & coaches. Door Transformational Presence Coaching zal je als coachee jouw eigen potentieel ontdekken en ontwikkelen, op een ogenschijnlijke simpele manier. Door het zien van kansen kun je keuzes maken die jou echt vooruit doen gaan.

Naast persoonlijke aspecten spelen er vaak ook andere factoren. Ik ben opgeleid bij het Bert Hellinger Instituut als begeleider van organisatieopstellingen en mijn interventies hebben vaak een systemische aanpak teneinde inzicht te verkrijgen in onderliggende patronen en dynamieken.


  • professionals
  • bestuurders
  • managers
  • leidinggevenden

In alle rust jouw situatie waarnemen, overzien en verkennen. Bewust worden van patronen, verlangen, behoeften en/of krachten. En wat je ervan weerhoudt. Vanuit daar zien wie je bent en wat er naar je toe wilt komen. Zelf die beweging creëren.

Ik werk met je. Ik moedig je aan. Ik stel je vragen. Ik spiegel. Ik geef je steun, slechts waar dat nodig is. En ik laat je.

Na mijn studie Rechten ben ik met Groningse nuchterheid de inhoud ingedoken en ben ik vooral op mijn kracht en zakelijkheid gevaren. Ik deed meer dan 25 jaar ervaring op in zorg en onderwijs, van advocaat tot leidinggevende. Ik ken de sectoren door en door vanuit meerdere perspectieven. In 2009 is er iets wezenlijks veranderd. Zoals vaker gebeurt deden persoonlijke gebeurtenissen mij beseffen dat er een andere kant is. Gebeurtenissen die leidden tot inzichten en die mij tot op de dag van vandaag verrijken. Mijn kracht werd veerkracht en mijn zakelijkheid kreeg er “een ziel naast”.

Mijn stijl van werken laat zich het beste omschrijven als scherp, eerlijk, creatief en intuïtief. Of ik nou werk als organisatieadviseur, interim-leidinggevende, coach of trainer: ik hou er van om samen naar de plek der moeite te kijken en te blijven bewegen wanneer lastige situaties zich voordoen in jezelf, team of organisatie. Dan samen werken om vervolgens beter te worden.

Lindsey Taylor

Photo of Lindsey Taylor
Home Phone: +1(503)307-6410 / +33 7 86 21 88 54

I recently graduated MMS Institute in The Netherlands and I am now a certified coach. My main goal in becoming certified is to simply better people’s lives. I feel that my life experiences have given me broad and challenging lessons which make me a good coach. I have seen amazing transformations, breakthroughs and positive changes in my client’s lives.

I want to help others find their true voice by first feeling grounded and secure. I want to support my clients to be present, in-tune, authentic, intuitive, energetic, do what they love, be with who they choose, communicate clearly, move smoothly through transitions, let go of what they cannot change, make difficult decisions, ask for the raise that they deserve, and so much more. Through my coach training, I have learned valuable tools that have taught me how to actively listen to my clients.  By using opened ended questions, I support my clients in arriving at a place where they know what they want and what they need to do to achieve it. Together we devise a plan of action and bridge the gap between where my client is now and where they want to be. I want to help foster my client’s ability to HAVE IT ALL!

Currently, I am living with my French companion just outside of Paris. We love traveling, working out, mountain bike riding, listening to live music, and experiencing wonderful restaurants. I am still trying to learn French, but I certainly enjoy the European lifestyle. Charles has 3 sons who live nearby, and I am a proud mother of twin daughters who are living in San Francisco together.

Lonny de Schrijver – Verbrugge

Photo of Lonny de Schrijver – Verbrugge
Lamswaarde, Zeeland The Netherlands Phone: 0031-615367493 Website:

My name is Lonny de Schrijver-Verbrugge (1974). I’m married and proud mum to a daughter (2000) and two sons (2003 and 2006). Both the boys have been diagnosed with ADD and the oldest has also severe dyslexia. They are my triggers to do what I’m doing today. Before this I was the owner of a children’s daycare center. This gave me the experience of helping children and supporting parents. When I faced some changes in my work at the daycare center I had to make a choice: keep on doing this ór start something new. Starting something new was quiet scary, but working with children and their parents is truly a passion to me. So I took the opportunity to start working as a coach for parents and children.

Ever since I’ve done a lot of learning. Not only am I a certified MMS-coach (that’s where it all started!), I also specialized in helping children with troubles in learning, behavior and development and helping parents to raise their children in the way they’ve always dreamt of.
To me helping children and their parents is not just looking at the problems surfacing, but looking at the root of the problem and solving it there! That way it’s gone!

My vision and mission

Another strategy
Ever since things got clear about the ADD my oldest son has, and later with our youngest, my interest in children who did have troubles at school, at home and developing, which was there all along, grew. I saw he was a boy with qualities that didn’t blossom at school. When I helped him to make progression at school and at home I decided that it shouldn’t be just for my kid, but that I wanted to help other children and parents as well.

So by showing children and parents what qualities they have in them instead of focusing on the problems and by making them grow that way, that’s where my passion grew, too. Focusing on qualities not only works at school, but also at home, where children are learning all the time as well. And if you are aware of you strengths, you can use that, always. Not only as a child, but certainly as a parent, too.

Lynn U. Stewart MCC

Photo of Lynn U. Stewart MCC
Director, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Lynn U. Stewart, PCC is the director of The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV, based in Amsterdam. She not only leads this organization of highly capable team players, she also develops constituencies in other countries. She is a corporate executive coach, a group facilitator, and a workshop leader. Her corporate specialty is Employee Owned Change®; a program designed for organizations who want to initiate functional, affordable, and humanistic transformation that guarantees ‘buy-in’ at all levels of the organization. Her passion for personal development manifests in the two-day personal development program, Inner Negotiation Workshop, for which she trains leaders in MMS Master Class in the Netherlands, the US and Asia. She is an Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie. Lynn divides her time between training leaders, coaching executives, facilitating MMS Coach Trainings, and designing the future. She co-authored Transformational Life Coaching with Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC with is available in both Dutch and English. Previously Lynn Stewart worked in public relations, interior design, and in elementary education. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys painting, ballroom dancing, fine dining, cultural events, and learning the Dutch language.

Maaike van der Donk

Photo of Maaike van der Donk
Home Phone: +31610003490

Having worked for the corporate world for many years, Maike went back to her roots, the family business. Working on the cutting edge of family, business and ownership is what inspires and motivates her. She is specialised in analysing and designing change processes in organisational and family systems.

Maike’s vision and mission
“It’s about tradition and change and the ability of family businesses to handle this tensions well through the next generations”




Maaike Strack van Schijndel

Photo of Maaike Strack van Schijndel
ICF Certified Execetive Coach & Facilitator of Transformation Home Phone: +31642809928 Website:

For companies, Maaike is your partner in developing ‘robust individuals’ who relate constructively to themselves and others. In order to contribute optimally to the desired workforce culture.

Typical questions are:
– I want to improve my relationship with … (myself, other, situation)
– I want to explore my choices around my career
– I want to live my life consciously and more daringly
– I want to validate an intended decision
– I want to be supported in the first 100 days of my new role
– I want to improve the performance of my managementteam/board
– We, as management team, want to add more value and meaning

Maaike draws on many years of personal international work, study and practical experience. As (interim) manager and consultant she has implemented many complex change-management projects in organisations, both in The Netherlands and abroad (Europe, Brazil and U.S.). She is familiar with many industries from the inside (services, healthcare and industrial). Companies that she has worked for or with: Accenture, Achmea Vitale, AVL, EAB, KPN, Multibras, Stork and UMC Utrecht.

She is certified PCC through the MMS Institute and ACC through the International Coach Federation. She speaks fluent English, French and Portuguese.

Married with two children at university. she teaches NIA (fitness program), sings jazz and enjoys taking part in dutch cabaret.
Her coaching style is intuitive, concrete, personal, challenging and with humour.

Manon Swaving PCC

Photo of Manon Swaving PCC
MMS Licensee

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

MMS Coach Training Leader and Licensee in Singapore

Manon Swaving, PCC is an MMS and ICF Certified Coach, trainer and facilitator. Over the last 10 years she has been training and coaching over one thousand people in all walks of life.She facilitated and co-lead personal development and awareness programs with groups up to 100 people. With VIStrainingen she designed and delivered over one hundred behavioral & mindset trainings on personal effectiveness, communication, time-management and leadership trainings for people of all levels within organizations: factory workers, team leaders and managers. She has worked in various industries at companies including Hitachi, ECT Delta Terminal, Flora Holland, Nestlé Nederland, C1000, Grolsch Brewery, McKinsey and Company and a number of different local governments and universities in the Netherlands. In addition to her coaching and training experience, she is educated in group dynamics, organizational and family constellations and working with energy and chakras.

Her own company ‘LivingYourPurpose’ is a blend of coaching, workshops and training coaches. At the MMS Worldwide Institute she has found her professional home where she does what she loves doing most: supporting people in designing and living the life they love, and training them to become brilliant coaches.

Before finding her purpose in training and coaching she worked in sports & event management and marketing. She was responsible for all Unox and Lipton Ice Tea’s brand activation programs at Unilever and has been part of the Organizing Committee of the European Special Olympics in 2000.

She lives in Singapore with her husband Roger and their son and daughter. Music, dance, photography, nature, traveling and connecting with friends and family make her heart sing.

Marie Christine Kreetz

Photo of Marie Christine Kreetz
Amsterdam, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 (0)6 51026134 Website:


  • individual coaching within business context (managers and leaders) and outside (personal choices, personal development, discovering your strengths)
  • coaching of (management)teams

I started my career in the late 80’s in external communication (advertising) and moved on toward brand development and organizational identity assignments. I grew more and more interested in the organization itself and the people behind the brand promise . From 2003 I am focused on organizational, personal and leadership development. Mainly in service organizations, from financials to health care. And in personal coaching.

Attending to the CT was very special and important to me because besides enhancing en developing my coaching skills it encouraged me to fully trust my intuition. Which has never let me down.

My vision and mission
I am known as a warm and at the same time goal oriented coach and management consultant. I respect and honor what you feel and experience right now and what may hold you back and I will invite you to discover how strong and free you really are. I believe we all should be in charge of our own life and choices.

My sources of inspiration are the MMS CT (participant and facilitator in 2005) as well as other psychological studies (degree in Jungian psychology, familiar with character structures). For whom of you may be interested in a more spiritual approach: I am trained in astrology and tarot. I relax with art, literature, music, good food and wine.

My business oriented coaching sessions often take place in the working environment of the client, but all individual coachees (private or business oriented) are more than welcome in my home office in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid near the Museumplein and the Vondelpark.



Ik ben mijn loopbaan eind jaren ’80 begonnen in de externe communicatie (reclame) en ging van daaruit verder met merkontwikkeling en vraagstukken rond de identiteit van organisaties.

Ik ging me steeds meer interesseren voor de organisatie en de mensen achter het ‘verhaal naar buiten’. Vanaf 2003 richt ik me volledig op organisatie-, persoonlijke- en leiderschapsontwikkeling. Ik werk vooral voor dienstverlenende organisaties, van financiële instellingen tot zorg. Daarnaast coach ik particulieren.

Deelnemen aan de CT was voor mij een bijzondere en belangrijke ervaring, omdat ik daar niet alleen mijn coaching vaardigheden verder heb kunnen ontwikkelen, maar vooral omdat het mij gestimuleerd heeft om volledig op mijn intuïtie te vertrouwen. Die laat me nooit in de steek.

Mijn visie en missie
Ik sta bekend als een warme en tegelijk doelgerichte coach en adviseur. Ik heb respect en een open oor voor wat de cliënt voelt en ervaart en waar hij /zij mogelijk door tegengehouden wordt en nodig van daaruit de cliënt uit om te ontdekken dat hij in essentie sterk en vrij is. Ik geloof dat we zelf de leiding moeten nemen over ons leven en verantwoordelijk zijn voor de keuzes die we maken.

Mijn inspiratiebronnen zijn de MMS CT (ik was deelnemer en facilitator in 2005) evenals andere psychologische opleidingen (Jungiaanse psychologie, karakterstructuren)

Voor degenen die geïnteresseerd zijn in een meer spirituele benadering: ik ben vertrouwd met en getraind in astrologie en tarot. Ontspanning vind ik in kunst, muziek, literatuur, goed eten en goede wijn.

Business gerelateerde coaching sessies vinden vaak plaats bij de cliënt in de werkomgeving. Maar alle individuele coachees, zowel zakelijk als particulier, zijn ook van harte welkom in mijn kantoor aan huis in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, vlakbij het Museumplein en het Vondelpark.


Marieke van Paassen MCC

Photo of Marieke van Paassen MCC
Cell Phone: +316 38 93 50 75 Website: Website Marieke

Marieke van Paassen is a Coach and Coach Trainer with the MMS Worldwide Instute and leading the Dutch MMS Coach Training.

She has more than 15 years of coaching experience and owns her own coaching practice Blue Orchard. Her clients include executives, creatives and enterpreneurs; individuals and teams. She specializes in balance, resilience, transformations and making life choices. She is skilled in Life and Work Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership, coaching skills and Mentor Coaching. She graduated from the MMS Worldwide Institute and holds an MCC accreditation from the International Coach Federation. Marieke brings joy and vitality to teams and empowers people.

Prior to her work as a coach, Marieke has worked for 16 years in several roles for different Dutch government institutions, in advising, managing and leading roles. She lead a team of 125 people for the Dutch government. Marieke holds a LLM and a MA in Dutch and International law. She graduated form INSEAD’s Consulting and Coaching for Change program. As a Human Givens counselor she supports clients in stress and burn-out situations.
Marieke still practices her own balancing act everyday, combining all the areas in her life that are important to her. Her husband and three children support her in that.

Marijke Reiring PCC

Photo of Marijke Reiring PCC
MMS Faculty Driebergen, Holland Home Phone: 0031611311967

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Marijke Reiring, is a ‘Business Coach’ who supports (managing) teams, individuals and organizations in achieving their goals. She is an expert in developing a clear and inspiring business vision and linking this to team member’s behaviors. As a team-coach, she works from the passion of combining business management with the power and energy of people. She knows, that trust is the key success factor for teams, since it helps to explore full human potential.She holds an International MBA  and a Master of Arts in Dutch Language and Communication. She is a specialist in Effective Communication, Vision Development, and Personal Development. She holds an accreditation for “Real Drives.” She is a member of the MMS Worldwide Institute Team and a speaker for the Avicenna Leadership Academy on vision development and behavioral change.

In her career of over 25 years she has worked with and for different organizations such as Akzo Nobel, ResQtec, BP, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Thieme Meulenhoff, KPMG, Vomar, Hart&Vaatgroep, Haga Ziekenhuis, Rabo bank, Sara Lee, Abbott Nutrition, Boskalis, Achmea and Friesland Campina.

In 1999, she followed her passion and started her own company in training and coaching. Previously she took leading positions in managing teams in international business environments. Her last position was Marketing Manager at Sara Lee.

Marijke is happily married and a proud mother of 3 children. She loves sports and cooking.


Als Business Coach support ik (management) teams, individuen en organisaties in het behalen van hun doelen. Ik ben een expert in het coachen naar een heldere visie en dit te koppelen aan het gedrag van de mensen in de organisatie. Als team-coach werk ik vanuit de passie van het combineren van organisatie-doelen met de kracht en energie van mensen.

In 1999 volgde ik mijn passie en startte mijn eigen bedrijf in coaching en training. Daarvoor had ik leidende posities in management teams in internationale organisaties. Mijn laatste functie was marketing manager bij Sara Lee.

Aan de Erasmus Universiteit heb ik een MBA bedrijfskunde behaald en daarnaast ben ik afgestudeerd in de Nederlandse Taal – en letterkunde. Ik ben geaccrediteerd voor Real Drives. Ik ben verbonden aan de MMS coach training als team-lid en ben spreker voor de Avicenna Leadership Academy voor de onderwerpen visie ontwikkeling en cultuur verandering.

Mijn visie en missie:
Tijdens mijn werk als marketing manager in internationale bedrijven, ontdekte ik veel angst en negativiteit onder medewerkers. Dit blokkeerde samenwerking, innovatie, energie en creativiteit.

Organisaties kunnen alleen succesvol zijn als de mensen in de organisatie hun volle potentieel kunnen inzetten. Vertrouwen is een belangrijke succesfactor om flow en het volle potentieel te bereiken.

Mijn missie is om menselijkheid, vertrouwen en het volle potentieel van mensen terug te brengen in teams en organisaties. Zodat ze daarmee hun doelen bereiken en duurzaam succesvol zijn.

Typische klantvragen zijn:

  • We willen een andere koers gaan varen, maar hoe krijgen we de mensen daarin mee?
  • Hoe kunnen we de samenwerking, onderlinge communicatie of effectiviteit van ons team of onze organisatie verbeteren?
  • Hoe kan ik vanuit mijn eigen kracht aansluiten bij de doelen en wensen van deze organisatie ?
  • Wie kan ik zijn als leider in deze organisatie of verandering?

Als business coach breng ik vertrouwen, ben mensgericht, resultaat gedreven en helder.

Michael Pomije PCC

Photo of Michael Pomije PCC
Director, Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Coach Michael has been the manager of business expansion for MMS Institute, LLC since 2000. He co-founded Motivation Coaching Service, LTD in Thailand in 2012. His responsibilities have been to negotiate corporate trainings,  finalize contracts for training and coaching assignments, facilitate corporate training programs, and coach executives globally. Michael is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) administrator. He coaches individuals on their profile type that indicates their work preferences, behaviors, and communication style. The MBTI tool is an “added-value” when Coach Michael assists executives in finding their purpose, passion, and power.

As a coach trainer, he trains coaches from the inside out to be authentic. Connection with the client is the most important fundamental of the coaching process. Coaching his clients is managing the gap between the present and the future.

He coaches executives on work, family relations, life balance, discovering their passion, and wellness. Since Michael has been married for over 25 years, one of his favorite coaching topics is creating successful and satisfying relationships.

Michael is an Instrument-Rated Single-engine Pilot and an Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver. He is Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie, a feature length documentary to be released in 2016.

Love the life you live…Mindfully

Nicoline Smoor

Photo of Nicoline Smoor
Cell Phone: +316 11 00 33 54 Website:

Specialties: Transformational Coaching, Life Coaching, Team Coaching, Systemic Approach

After a study business administration at Nyenrode University I enjoyed working in the branches of architecture and industrial design. Early 1994 I finished the MMS Coach Training. Following this period, until 2001, I managed my own company from London and Amsterdam in coaching, communication advice and text & editing.

Coaching and training has been my main professional activity since 2001. For corporate and for private clients, both inside and outside of The Netherlands. Until 2008 I have facilitated many of the Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) of MMS in The Netherlands. I enrolled in the masters course Conflict Management at Maastricht University and participated in many different workshops on (systemic) family constellations (Bert Hellinger). In 2008 I finished a course in systemic thinking and working, between 2009 and 2015 ‘Living and Working from the soul’. Since March 2009 I am a certified facilitator of the Inner Links Transformation Game.

Married, mother of a studying son, enjoying dachshund Hansje, city trips, arts, walking, watching movies, reading, cooking healthy meals and the silence.

Vision and mission
‘I’m standing still for a moment, which is good progress.’ (Bertolt Brecht)

I’d love to help you to get the most out of yourself. Not by giving you directions but by encouraging you to find your own direction and to walk your personal path. You are leading. My approach is intuitive, reflective and result driven. I will ask clear questions and provide you with useful feedback. In holding the mirror and by putting on my systemic glasses I will support you when needed.

Peter Schmale

Photo of Peter Schmale
Home Phone: +31611160819

After completing my degree in electrical engineering I joined a well-known Dutch electronics company. While moving through the ranks from engineer to manager I was inevitably confronted with the limitations of my engineering-centric view of the world. Thankfully I had managers over time that enabled me to follow many trainings and workshops culminating in the Coach Training. It made me a more complete person, manager and engineer and I enjoy the fruits of it in my private and professional life. Although I am not a professional coach, but still work as engineer, manager and entrepreneur in the technical field, I am happy to pass on everything I learned so that others can enjoy the same benefits that I did.

Peter’s vision and mission
The potential of most people goes way beyond their own beliefs and those of their manager or boss at work. We are all very good at coming up with reasons why we cannot or should not overcome obstacles and set the next step. Blaming our manager is one of the favorite excuses when it comes to work related challenges. As a manager, we might feel trapped by “the system”.

My mission is to help you move ahead by confronting your obstacles and excuses and finding positive ways to deal with them.

Rebecca Vandenabeele

Photo of Rebecca Vandenabeele
Amsterdam, Noord Holland Nederland Phone: 06-42451921 Website:

Specialties: Executive – Management coaching, Personal coaching, Career coaching & Counselling

After my graduation (MSc in Psychology, University of Amsterdam) I have been working for more than 12 years at different (psychological) consulting firms, including Hudson and GITP. I have gained experience as a trainer, coach and assessment psychologist. In 2010
I started as a self-employed psychologist and specialised as a coach by following the MMS Coach Training.

Currently I run my own coaching practice in Amsterdam. I coach people with their personal and professional development and help them to get the best out of themselves.

My clients are primarily in the financial services (RBS, ABN Amro, ING), consulting (Accenture) and IT (IBM).

My vision and mission:
Since I can remember I am fascinated by understanding and managing (personal) change. How come we always get stuck in old patterns? Why do we find it so hard to change effectively? Deep down we know what to do, but we find it hard to take the necessary steps to get there. During my coaching sessions I will help you find your authentic self by focussing on your talents and developing your potential. You will be able to connect with what you feel inside. This will help you to find the answers to the questions you have. By removing limiting beliefs and by breaking old patterns new possibilities evolve and you can actually start to change.

In my coaching I include aspects of MMS coaching, motivational interviewing, solution focused coaching, and transactional analysis. I help you increase your personal effectiveness when things get ‘political’. By developing your social antennae and strengthening your communication skills, you will increase your personal impact in (multidisciplinary) project teams.


Specialties: Executive – Management coaching, Personal coaching, Loopbaancoaching & Counseling

Na mijn wetenschappelijke studie Psychologie ben ik ruim 12 jaar werkzaam geweest bij verschillende (psychologische) adviesbureaus, waaronder Hudson en GITP. Ik heb daar ervaring opgedaan als trainer, assessment psycholoog en coach. In 2010 heb ik de stap gezet naar zelfstandig ondernemerschap en ben ik mij verder gaan specialiseren in (Executive) coaching.

Op dit moment werk ik vanuit mijn eigen praktijk in Amsterdam en begeleid ik mensen bij hun persoonlijke en professionele ontwikkeling.

Mijn opdrachtgevers bevinden zich met name in de financiële dienstverlening (RBS, ABN Amro, ING), zakelijke dienstverlening (Accenture) en IT (IBM).

Mijn visie en missie:
Sinds ik me kan herinneren ben ik gefascineerd door mensen en (gedrags-) verandering. Hoe komt het dat we steeds vastlopen in oude patronen? Waarom vinden we het zo moeilijk om te veranderen? Vaak weten we diep van binnen wat goed voor ons is, maar ondernemen we niet de stappen die nodig zijn om dit te bereiken. Tijdens mijn coach gesprekken gaan we samen op zoek naar jouw authentieke zelf, jouw talenten en kwaliteiten. Ik breng je in contact met je gevoel en met je innerlijke kracht en ik help je om zelf de antwoorden te vinden op de vragen die je hebt. Door belemmerende gedachten te overwinnen en oude patronen te doorbreken komt er ruimte vrij voor nieuwe mogelijkheden en kom je in beweging.

Daarnaast ondersteun ik professionals bij het vergroten van hun persoonlijke effectiviteit binnen een politiek krachtenveld. Door het ontwikkelen van je sociale voelsprieten en het versterken van je communicatieve vaardigheden help ik jou je impact te vergroten binnen (multidisciplinaire) projectteams.
Mijn aanpak is no-nonsense en doelgericht, met weinig informatie weet ik de vinger op de zere plek te leggen. Ik geef concrete adviezen waar je meteen mee aan de slag kunt. Op deze manier krijg jij weer de regie over je eigen loopbaan, verandertraject of (persoonlijke) ontwikkeling. In mijn coaching pas ik o.a. aspecten toe van MMS coaching, Motiverende Gespreksvoering, Oplossingsgericht coachen, en Transactionele Analyse. Door verschillende methoden te combineren sluit ik aan bij jouw vraagstelling en stem ik zoveel mogelijk af op jouw specifieke situatie.

Reinier Tilanus

Photo of Reinier Tilanus
Home Phone: +31 624 483 192 Website:

A food process engineer by training, I have spent over sixteen years in international business leading supply chain up to board level, then to realize my heart was not really in it. Since 2007 I run my own business in coaching, (intercultural) communication, constellation work and team facilitation. I also co-lead leadership journeys to for instance Bhutan. These until now have been the happiest years in my life, having followed my passion for people.

After also sixteen years of living in sin, I happily married Joke in 2013 and still enjoy every moment of it. My other great love is my violin. I work in Dutch, English or German.


Reinier’s vision and mission:

As a process engineer, I believe in clarity and structure to support understanding and effectiveness and the power of the left brain.

As a Buddhist, I believe in wisdom and compassion to enhance connection to self and others.

Both serve to improve effectiveness, deepen consciousness and create more happiness.

In this way, I love to be of service. I truly believe there is more to every single one of us.

Be welcome to find out!

Ronald de Haas ACC

Photo of Ronald de Haas ACC
Home Phone: +316 20818581 Website: Ronald's website

Ronald is an MMS [and ICF] certified coach who supports people and teams in transformations. He is also a lean six sigma certified black belt and consultant with broad experience in driving improvements in a variety of organisations and industries. He is combining a mix of ‘hard and soft skills’ to drive break-through improvements in organisations, teams and personal development. Ronald coaches’ people to own their choices, own their life, own their work and own their future.

Ronald supports organisations to address a variety of performance, strategic and operational issues and is experienced in managing supplier relations. He regularly trains teams as part of his projects.

He obtained his Drs in economics from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and his Bachelor in Marketing from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam. He is an MMS certified coach and a certified lean six sigma black belt. Ronald has worked with organisations such as Philips, Numico, Danone, LeasePlan Corporation, ING Bank, CapGemini, KPMG, Corbion and Shanks plc. He is fluent in Dutch and English. Ronald lives in The Netherlands and he is married to Asli and father of two boys. In his spare time he enjoys running, sailing and watching his sons play soccer.

Ronald’s vision and mission
Support people in stepping into their power and become more than they thought possible.

Rozemarijn Janss

Photo of Rozemarijn Janss
Leiden, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31654613111

Specialties: life coaching, (work) coaching of (future) medical doctors

Born in 1959, working as an anesthesiologist, and as trainer and coach of (future) medical doctors and MMS coach since spring 2014.

As a medical student I directed a musical. My greatest joy came from helping the actors (who were peer students) to find their inner strength and realise their maximum potential on stage.

Many years later, working as a pain doctor, I discovered that the most satisfying part of my work was not so much the medical part, but to accompany the patients on their intimate and personal journey to cope with their pain. I realized than (remembering the musical) that I would really enjoy to accompany healthy people on their journey to cope with life and the choices life brings.

It took me another twenty years of wandering to actually full this and make it a part of my work. The MMS coach training was the cherry on the cake of my personal journey. In my own coach process during the training I experienced the beneficence that the careful attention given by an MMS coach brings and how that attention helped me to find and solve obstacles and to come into action.

My vision and mission
Everybody arrives at crossing points in their life wondering: am I on the right path? These crossing points are connected to life issues such as relationships, work, family, friendships. You can be confused, you don’t know any more what it is that you really want, which road to take? At such a crossing point I can help you:

  • to unravel, provide insight in and sort out the ‘confusion’ in your head
  • to focus your attention on what really matters to you and to find out what you really want with your head and your heart
  • to come into action and take concrete steps to go there where you really want to be.

I believe and I know that you yourself have the answers and the possibilities. I would be happy and honoured to accompany you on your journey.

Sophieke van Ginkel

Photo of Sophieke van Ginkel
MSc Cell Phone: +31 624603749 Website: website

Life is a ride on the waves. The waves of life. I invite you to be the surfer of your life.

As a life & leadership coach I learn people to surf the waves of life by supporting them to find the light beneath the surface.

Steven van den Biggelaar

Photo of Steven van den Biggelaar
MMS Faculty

MMS Coach and Team member

Steven worked for 25 years in large multinational companies like ICI, AstraZeneca, DSM and most recently Nuplex. For the last 15 years, he has been involved in large corporate change programs. He has focused on changing processes, organizational structures, and on supporting the employees during the change journey. During the last 10 years, he has led change programs in senior roles and successfully supported individuals in their personal transformations. He is actively becoming a full time coach supporting people in the business environment in identifying their personal power and determining how this can be used to deliver a sustainable contribution to whatever they want to achieve in life. Steven is an MMS certified coach and holds a degree in Marketing (Cum Laude honors degree). He lives in the Netherlands together with his wife and two girls. He is fluent in Dutch and English.  He loves to read and is a passionate hobby cyclist.


Vanessa van Lennep

Photo of Vanessa van Lennep
Cell Phone: +316 22 60 24 98 Website: http://http//

Specialties: personal development and leadership coaching. Facilitating choice making from head to heart.

Vanessa van Lennep is a MMS trained coach and facilitator and has her own company since 2010. She coaches and supports people in

*listening to their feelings
*expressing what they want
*making the choice to do what they want
*doing what they want

During two springs she facilitated at the MMS Coach Training and enjoys facilitating at the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop. She is a board member of the MMS Alumni Association.

Before she founded her own coaching-company, Vanessa got her masters in corporate law and worked for 15 years as a commercial manager in the Travel Industry.

“It was wonderful to realize how I could develop myself with the use of my head, but it is life changing to realize what I can do and develop by listening to my heart”

Vanessa lives in the centre of the Hague, together with husband Ton, daughter Bien and dog Doris. Apart from supporting people in getting what they want, she loves theatre, yoga, travelling, nature, modern art and design, cooking and eating with family and friends.

Wendy van Leusen

Photo of Wendy van Leusen
Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee

Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee and leader in Holland

Wendy van Leusen is an MMS trained Coach, facilitator, and leader since 2008. Together with Caroline Wamsteker she is Licensed to promote, produce, and present the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) in the Netherlands. Wendy van Leusen is associate partner at the Center for Strategy & Leadership, where she focuses on personal and professional coaching and training. She is known for deepening her client’s self-awareness in order to help them to make important choices. Wendy works on the basis of discovering who you are, what you really want, and helps to clarify your next steps. She is leading programs in personal leadership development and transformation of individuals. Besides that she coaches management teams and executives to move to the next level of their leadership.

Wendy holds a Masters degree of the University of Life, studied communication sciences, and has taken management courses at Krauthammer International, as well as coach and facilitator training at Managing Motivation Services.

Wendy has extensive experience in the field of executive education, including designing and executing programs on personal leadership and management skills.
She has been with the Boer & Croon Strategy and Management Group for more than ten years, where she worked as a member of the management team. At this company, she carried responsibility for the development of high potentials and project managers, and also took care of recruitment and internal and external communication.

Wendy loves to be on the beach with her little daughter, walk in the woods and mountains, sings ballads and opera and enjoys travelling through Asia, Africa and Europe.

Yvette de Beer

Photo of Yvette de Beer
Bussum, The Netherlands Home Phone: +31 6417 31672

Specialties: Life coaching, Relatie Coaching en relatietherapie (EFT), Houd Me Vast trainer, Psycholoog (EMDR, ACT, REBT), Healing

After my Psychology Studies, I worked for 5 years as an account manager within the ICT. Since I realized that I couldn’t fulfill my potential and couldn’t help the organization the way they deserved, I changed my course and started working in my own practice as a Psychologist and coach in 1993. At about the same time, I started living together with my partner and we began the process of creating a family. Since we’re with 2 women, that took a little more effort and planning than in the more usual families.

In 2003 I did the CT (Coaches Training) and the lady founders of the MMS and I immediately “recognized” each other. After finishing my own training I was involved as coordinator of the CT for 4 times.

From 2008-2013 I took a training to become a Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healer and participated in the team to facilitate the next training group.

The people who find me come from a diverse background and with a multitude of questions and/or objectives. You can learn more about that via my website

As you can see there, the values that guide my life are Safety, Freedom and Connection

My vision and mission
Helping people to become as flexible as possible in dealing with life, so that they can fulfill their dreams and contribute to the best of their ability.


Specialiteiten: Life coaching, Relatie Coaching en relatietherapie (EFT), Houd Me Vast trainer, Psycholoog (EMDR, ACT, REBT), Healing

Na mijn psychologie studie, heb ik 5 jaar als account manager in de ICT gewerkt. Toen duidelijk werd dat ik de organisatie niet meer kon bieden wat er nodig was én zij mij niet konden bieden wat ik graag wilde, veranderde ik van koers. In 1993 ben ik een praktijk gestart als zelfstandig psycholoog en coach.

Rond die tijd ging ik ook samenwonen met mijn partner en begonnen wij met de start van onze familie. Aangezien we met 2 vrouwen zijn, vroeg dat iets meer inspanning en planning dan bij een meer gebruikelijke gezinsvorm.

In 2003 heb ik de CT (Coaches Training) gevolgd en er was een onmiddellijke herkenning tussen Lynn, Chérie and mij. Nadat ik mijn eigen training had afgerond, be ik betrokken geweest als coordinator van 4 volgende Coaches Trainingen.

Tussen 2008-2013, heb ik een training gevolgd en gegeven in Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing

De mensen die mij vinden als coach en/of therapeut, komen van veel verschillende achtergronden en met een veelheid aan vragen en/of doelstellingen. Meer hierover kun je vinden via mijn website:

Daar vind je ook welke waarden belangrijk zijn voor mij in mijn persoonlijke en professionele leven:

Veiligheid, Verbinding en Vrijheid.

Mijn visie en missie
Mensen helpen zo flexible mogelijk te worden in hun leven, zodanig dat zij hun dromen kunnen verwerkelijken en naar vermogen kunnen bijdragen aan deze Maatschappij.

Ik zie er naar uit je te ontmoeten!


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