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Paid for Passion

Many people work to pay their bills and go on holidays. They don’ t genuinely like what they do. It is my belief that when you do what you love there is a way to get paid for your working pleasure. As a coach I unleash peoples potential and if you are willing to believe that someone will pay for supporting your passion, they will.

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Breaking old habits

You may be thinking, “Dr. Cherie has lots of good ideas on Time Management, but it’s quite a challenge to teach an old dog new tricks. It might be tough breaking the old habits and learning new ones.” In one sense, you’re right! As humans we are creatures of habit. A...

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Each Setback Provides Valuable Lessons

Success and failure are inextricably entwined as the moon and the tide, the mountains and the valleys, and the sunshine and the rain. Just as nature provides a sense of balance in the natural world, the universe provides equilibrium in the human realm through the experiences of highs and lows.

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Define what home means for you, and then be deliberate about creating that experience for you and those around you. This holiday season, create rituals of home that will remembered for years to come.

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Dr. Chérie Carter Scott

Dr. Chérie Carter Scott

Director of MMS Worldwide Institute, ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)

She is the #1 New York Times Best Selling author of If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, published in 40 countries with over 4 millions copies sold, Transformational Life CoachingNegaholics and 14 additional titles. 


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