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MMS ICF Executive Coach Training

If you are looking for an in depth way to become a professional coach, with the space to develop not only professionally but also personally then the MMS Coach Training ACTP is the right program for you.

It is a 125 hour program which will give you the ICF certification of PCC (Professional Certified Coach). It is double the hours, growth and intensity compared to the ACSTH and there is a lot more space for personal development.

MMS Master Class – Train the Trainer

If you are looking to become a facilitator of our MMS Programs or to become a Licensee and lead your own program.
In this 6 month intensive training you will be learning all the magic of MMS, including the skills to further build your coaching practice.
The focus of the training be simultaneous connection with yourself, your team, participants and content.

MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop

The Inner Negotiation Workshop (INW) is about you and your objectives. It is an intensive two-day experience for those who want more energy, joy, love and success in their lives. Participants take an inward-bound journey to the place within them that holds the answers to their professional and personal questions.

Therefore, the INW is an opportunity to renew the relationship with yourself in an intimate and reflective environment.


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