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When you want to improve or grow your business, strengthen your team or explore new possibilities!

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When you want to become an accredited ICF MMS coach, a program trainer or get your CCE’s.

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We offer coaching, workshops and many more tools to support you!

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MMS supports others in making their wishes, goals and dreams a reality

We founded the original Coach Training Program

We are the most well-established Coach Training Institute in the world, est. 1975

We put in the time to make our training world class

We provide our student over 110 years combined coaching and training experience from our faculty

We positively impact a worldwide audience

Our training programs and coaches are available around the global and in a variety of languages

We help others find their purpose and reach their potential

100% of our graduates pass the ICF CKA Exam


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A coach helps you in finding your own answer.
They help you find your own inner truth,
embrace it, get the obstacles out of the way and make the seemingly impossible happen!



“I believe that the lessons and tools provided during the MMS Coach Training are so practical that they can be applied to all everyday situations. They are so powerful that they can actually make a difference. I do not see a more profound, fast and effective way to help a coachee.”

Marc Padberg, Hub Leader Middle East, Aberkyn


“The moment I met Cherie, I felt a special connection and I thought: she can teach me some things that are important for me to learn.”

Roland Slot, The Netherlands

The Workshop Musical

11 individuals attend a personal development workshop with certain expectations and discover that this is way more than they ever anticipated.



“My purpose in this life is to assist others in reconnecting to themselves, finding their path in life and choosing to walk it. I feel grateful and fulfilled”

Manon Schraa


 Follow the lives of 5 people from different walks of life as they take a leap of faith and transform their lives through the power of coaching.


Inspirational Stories

Coaching Blog

Oversight, Insight, and New Discoveries

Oversight, Insight, and New Discoveries By: Lynn U. Stewart Belief systems can be changed in Nano seconds. All it takes is a spark of revelation and a new way of seeing. I had such a moment upon my return to Amsterdam. While in Bangkok my favorite eye glasses broke....

Paid for Passion

Many people work to pay their bills and go on holidays. They don’ t genuinely like what they do. It is my belief that when you do what you love there is a way to get paid for your working pleasure. As a coach I unleash peoples potential and if you are willing to believe that someone will pay for supporting your passion, they will.

Breaking old habits

You may be thinking, “Dr. Cherie has lots of good ideas on Time Management, but it’s quite a challenge to teach an old dog new tricks. It might be tough breaking the old habits and learning new ones.” In one sense, you’re right! As humans we are creatures of habit. A...

Each Setback Provides Valuable Lessons

Success and failure are inextricably entwined as the moon and the tide, the mountains and the valleys, and the sunshine and the rain. Just as nature provides a sense of balance in the natural world, the universe provides equilibrium in the human realm through the experiences of highs and lows.


Define what home means for you, and then be deliberate about creating that experience for you and those around you. This holiday season, create rituals of home that will remembered for years to come.

Learning to Love Yourself

At its core, loving yourself simply means believing in your own essential worthiness.

Five Levels of Communication

To be an effective communicator, you need to be aware of the five levels of communication. If you are listening closely, you will be able to discern the level of communication in the conversation.

When ‘I’ Becomes ‘We’

Moving from “I” to “we” requires a shift in perspective and energy. Being an authentic couple is an evolution. People rarely consider what is required to include another person in your overall life.

The Power of Wanting

When you want something – really want it – there is an internal hit that goes off inside you that responds “yes.” That impulse is as strong when you are five years old reaching for a toy as it is when you are fifty reaching for your dream home. The energy that is unleashed in that moment of desire creates one of the most powerful and magnetic forces in the universe.

Time Management

Time management is not something you are born with. I used to be a terrible time manager and I have learned to be extremely effective time manager. Before we address effective Time Management, let’s address the most common time gobblers. They are: 1. Lack of planning...

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